Top 5 Tips for Choosing Field Service Management Software

It isn’t easy to choose the right field management software. There are lots of options in the market and a lot more are showing up every day. These solutions have varying degrees of functionality and can allow you to stay on track and connect instantaneously to your back office. But which management software is the best for your needs? Here are 5 different tips for making the right determination.

1. Mobile Reach

In your field management operations, you need a substantial amount of mobility to be able to get real-time updates, shorten billing cycles, enhance regulatory compliance, and also boost technician efficiency. Ask yourself whether your mobile workers can continue to use the solution you want to buy in areas with little or no connectivity. Get this important fact right if you are looking for comprehensive field service management software.

2. Future Shock

What are your needs? Don’t be like organizations that overbuy when choosing the right solutions. If you deploy software with more features than you actually need, it will both drive up cost and add unnecessary complexity. So pay greater attention to business needs and processes before anything else.

3. Scalability

There are different types of field management software that integrates with several other applications like EAM, ERP, and CRM. Some of them, however, require custom integration and that makes them more expensive. You need to know how the software you select integrates with other systems that you can get readily. If possible, avoid those options that will be held back inside another data silo.

4. Measurable Outcomes

Tie back the business case for your solution to measurable outcomes like improving customer satisfaction, increasing profitability, and boosting productivity. Remember perpetual licenses and subscription for field service management tools and ongoing costs for administrative responsibilities vary considerably. Also budget for services related to customization and deployment. Don’t forget about ongoing support and maintenance and internal resources required to support administrative work. SaaS offering is a great option for smaller organizations as they are considerably cheaper and are easier to administer.

5. Expert Advice

Get the support the vendor’s customers. Interview your vendors reference customers to help you know if you are going for the right product. However, don’t stop at this. Assess the vendor’s real customer retention rates. This way, you will be able to tell which software package has the greatest number of loyal customers. Visit social media forums to see what type of comments users post.

Other than the vendor’s customer, allow your field technicians to be on the front lines. Let them provide their insights into what packages will meet your objectives. Encourage them to put all the above tips for choosing field management software into consideration.


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