The 15 Best Food Mascots in Pop Culture

Many restaurant chains and food brands rely on mascots to advertise their products. These mascots can be featured on their food packaging or in their TV ads, or they can appear in full costume in a restaurant or during a special event.

Here are 15 of the best food mascots that are loved by hungry children and adults.

1. Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger has been proudly representing Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereals since 1951. This friendly and energetic tiger mascot wearing a red bandana is still around today to remind us that those sugar-coated corn flakes cereals are “Grrrreat!”.

2. Ronald McDonald

Even though many people don’t like clowns, McDonald’s Ronald McDonald is still a popular food mascot that anyone can instantly recognize. This friendly clown with bright red hair and a yellow suit was first introduced in 1963, and is still on a mission to spread joy and laughter, and, of course, sell hamburgers.

3. Snap!, Crackle! and Pop!

This friendly trio of gnomes has been representing Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereals since 1933. The names Snap!, Crackle! and Pop! are supposed to represent the sounds the popular crisped-rice breakfast cereals produce when you pour milk in them. Pay attention to it the next time you eat a bowl of Rice Krispies.

4. Poppin’ Fresh (Pillsbury Doughboy)

Everyone calls him the Doughboy, but Pillsbury’s friendly mascot is actually called Poppin’ Fresh. With his adorable giggle, the ticklish Poppin’ Fresh has been helping Pillsbury sell refrigerated crescent rolls, sweet rolls, biscuits, and cookies since 1965.

5. Quicky (Nesquick Bunny)

Quicky the Nesquik Bunny was introduced in 1973. This friendly brown bunny wears a red collar with a huge blue “N” on it, and his mission is to advertise Nesquik’s chocolate-flavoured milk syrup or powder mix, as well as other delicious Nesquik products, such as Nesquik breakfast cereals and candy bars.

6. The M&M’s Spokescandies

The M&M’s Spokescandies have been popular mascots since 1995. These 6 anthropomorphic M&M candies each have their own personality, and each represent a set of candy flavour. The gang is led by Red and Yellow, which are accompanied by Orange, Blue, Ms. Green, and Ms. Brown.

7. Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders was the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. Today, he is the well-known mascot of KFC, his smiling face appearing on their packaging of delicious fried chicken. The first KFC franchise opened its doors in 1952 in South Salt Lake, Utah.

8. Lucky the Leprechaun

Lucky the Leprechaun has been the mascot of General Mills’ Lucky Charms cereals since 1964. Lucky Charms were the first breakfast cereals to feature marshmallows, and each of the colourful marshmallow bits are supposed to represent one of Lucky the Leprechaun’s magical powers.

9. Julius Pringles

Julius Pringles is the man with a large mustache you can see on cans of Pringles stackable snack chips. This mascot has been introduced in 1967, and even though he went through some design changes through the years, Julius is still proud to be the face of Pringles chips.

10. Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut is an anthropomorphic peanut who has been representing the Planters brand since 1916. With his tuxedo, his top hat, his monocle and his cane, Mr. Peanut is a true gentleman. He doesn’t mind you eating peanuts, even though he is one himself.

11. Chester Cheetah

Cheetos has been relying on Chester Cheetah to represent its delicious cheesy snacks since 1986. On top of being a popular mascot appearing in TV ads and on bags of Cheetos snacks, this cool cat has been the star of two video games in 1992 and 1993.

12. Horatio Magellan Crunch (Cap’n Crunch)

Horatio Magellan Crunch, better known as Cap’n Crunch, has been the mascot of Quaker Oats’ Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereals since 1963. This friendly captain sails a ship called the Guppy, and was born on Crunch Island in the Sea of Milk. He is always happy to lead kids to the treasure of Cap’n Crunch cereals.

13. Kool-Aid Man

Introduced in 1975, the Kool-Aid Man is in fact a giant pitcher of cherry Kool-Aid with arms, legs, and a smiling face. The Kool-Aid Man will stop at nothing to bring a glass or a pitcher of refreshing Kool-Aid to thirsty kids.

14. The Burger King

Burger King’s Burger King made his first appearance in 1955. The popular restaurant chain mascot was first an animated character, but in recent years, the King has been featured in TV ads as an actor wearing a king costume and a plastic mask, appearing in unexpected places to offer burgers to people.

15. Jolly Green Giant

The Jolly Green Giant is the proud mascot of Green Giant frozen and canned vegetables. The Jolly Green Giant as we know him was introduced in 1935. A 55-foot statue of the Jolly Green Giant has been standing in the city of Blue Earth, Minnesota since 1978.

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