Best Way to Get a Divorce: 7 Divorce Methods Without Drama

Filing for a divorce is never an easy decision. It’s important to research the best way to get a divorce, so you can avoid making mistakes that delay and extended the unpleasantness. By knowing the divorce process inside and out, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and possibly even save money. We’ll explore the best ways to get a divorce and some tips to help you complete the challenging process.

What is the best way to get a divorce? Here are 7 effective divorce tricks with no drama:

1. File For Divorce Online

The best way to get a divorce is to file online. When both parties are in agreement of a divorce, filing online can be a quick way to get the job done. With an uncontested divorce, you just need to create an agreement and file the appropriate forms. An online divorce can cost between $300-$600 which is much more reasonable than attorney fees.

2. File A Divorce Claim Yourself

If you’re pressed for time, one of the best ways to get a divorce is to file the claim yourself. However, there are many vital things you need to be aware of. A simple mistake with the documents can delay the process and cause more issues than you bargained for.

The clerk that you’ll deal with at the courthouse is legally not allowed to help you. If you’re going to file your divorce yourself, it’s important to consult with a professional who can give you an experienced opinion on how to proceed. Take the time to consider the tax consequences and your legal rights under divorce law before proceeding.

3. Try A Trial Separation

Before diving headfirst into a divorce, consider a trial separation before making anything final. Whenever it comes to any divorce situation, there are a lot of emotions and stubborn opinions to consider. It’s truly challenging to make a rational decision when you’re blinded by love, anger, and many other sentiments.

A trial separation doesn’t require a court order, and it can last as long as you and your partner feel is necessary. If you have children and your finances are attached, you’ll need to come to a verbal agreement on how you’ll maintain your responsibilities. It’s always good insurance to write down your arrangements in case things don’t work out and you need to prove yourself in court.

4. Enter Into Couples Mediation

Executing a successful divorce requires exploring all your options before making things final. If both you and your spouse can speak civilly, it’s well worth your time to try mediation. With mediation, you can have a collaborative discussion on the expectations and requirements both sides have.

Mediation is often successful because it creates a non-confrontational environment for you to negotiate it. The mediators will help you find common ground from which you can build your arrangements. Mediation is much less costly than lawyer and court fees.

5. Make A Divorce Plan

One of the best ways to get a divorce is to create a plan in advance. Establishing a clear plan that’s written by hand and that includes potential outcomes will help you handle the process as things play out. Your plan should include all aspects of the divorce such as where you’re going to move, how you’ll handle your shared assets and your plans for co-parenting.

Making a divorce plan is critical because it helps slow you down. When you write things out by hand, it forces you to use the rational part of your brain. You’re less likely to be reactive and emotional if you write your thoughts and feelings out and give yourself a new perspective on the situation. Another huge benefit of writing out a plan is it helps you see ways in which you are responsible for the situation.

6. Establish Financial Boundaries

Getting clear on your finances is something you can do to make the divorce process easier. It’s important to get clear on your financial state as it will impact how you decide to move forward. Take the time to gather your recent tax returns, credit report, and report any investments you may have.

7. Find A Support System

No matter what method you pick to approach your divorce, it’s going to be a difficult task. It’s important not to underestimate the emotional toll the divorce process can have on your health. Don’t be afraid to use your friends and family to lean on emotionally.

At the same time it’s important to have a professional support system. Your loved ones may have good intentions, but there are many nuances of divorce law that most people aren’t aware of that make their advice flawed. Try and find a lawyer that specializes in family law and has dealt with many divorce cases.

All things considered, it’s worth taking your time with the divorce process. Deciding to separate from your partner will have emotional, physical and financial implications in your life. Use the information in this article to your advantage before diving headfirst into a divorce.

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