9 Ways Your Life Can Improve From An Electric Bike

Yes, riding an electric bike is good for the environment and can save you money, but it can actually do a lot more for you than that. In fact, having and riding an electric bike can make you more content, more self-actualized, and healthy in ways you might not have thought of before now. Read on to learn the benefits of an electric bike.

1. Physical Health

An electric bike is good exercise. In fact, it can even be healthier than a regular bike if you use it more than you would a regular bike. Most e-bikers find riding so exhilarating that they forget they’re actually exercising. You can make plans to go out every weekend and exercise while seeing the road, which isn’t something many people can do on a regular pedal bike.

2. Mental Health

Building, riding, and maintaining electric bikes is great therapy, and these days, stress and depression are hugely prevalent. Electric bikes are great for your mental health because they give you something to do rather than stare at an electronic device; you’ll get outside, get your heart pumping, and adrenaline going. If you consider yourself mentally balanced already, fine, an e-bike can help you get out and possibly even improve your mental health!

3. Staying Young

Riding an electric bike is like drinking out of the fountain of youth. When you ride one, you remember how you felt riding your bike as a child, and you have the added benefit now of going where you want and seeing anything you like.

4. Joining a Community

You might not know it, but there are electric bike communities all across North America. Many have meet-ups on a regular basis where you’ll get to meet new people and join up with old friends and either hang out and talk, or go out for rides together.

5. Building Memories for Your Kids

Your children will fondly remember watching you working on and riding your electric bike. Seeing you speed out of the driveway and saying “hi” to the neighbours, and even building a ramp an doing some jumps in front of your house. Your kids will never forget, especially if you take them along for rides. If you do it right, your kids will grow up to become e-bike riders themselves, which can even save you some money if you don’t have to buy them a car!

6. Being Happier

The simple act of riding an electric bike will make you happy. You’ll forget all of your problems, even if just for a short while, and you’ll quickly become immersed in the experience of everything going on around you.

7. Gaining Access to New Places

Yes, on an electric bike you can ride in the bike lanes, and gain access to places that might require too much strenuous effort to get to otherwise. For example, think of a hike that would take you half a day. On an e-bike it might take you only 20 minutes.

8. Satisfying Your Inner Gearhead

Many people have an inner mechanic waiting to be discovered and nurtured. While working on cars can suck, working on a two-wheel machine is soul-gratifying. Read “The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance” if you’re dubious. Working on and repairing your own e-bike makes the experience of riding them even more enjoyable. There are some people who enjoy building and working on their bikes more than they actually get out and ride them.

9. Setting an Example

Riding an e-bike is good for the environment. When you get out riding on one, you can set an example on how fun and cool e-bikes can be to ride. Be part of a revolution and convince the world to get out of their cars and onto an electric bike!


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