8 Popular Activities for Seniors in Nursing Homes

Friday flicks. Sunday swing. Monday musing.

When you think your retirement home has exhausted the list of activities, there are so many more events and activities that your senior living community can adopt. Your nursing home can have all sorts of fun without it becoming tedious and boring. Who doesn’t love to see classic films on the big screen again or perform a piano sonata? Well, that’s what you can do.

Here are eight activities for seniors in nursing homes:

1. Popcorn and a Film

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. At a time when superheroes, toilet humour, and remakes of remakes dominate the cinema, seniors long for the days when a good story was the most important thing to a motion picture. Indeed, the golden age of cinema is long gone, so what better way to reminisce about the good old days then having a popcorn and a classic film at the retirement home?

“All About Eve” starring Bette Davis, “Notorious” starring Cary Grant, or “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” starring Rex Harrison. There is an extensive supply of classic pictures to showcase and enjoy.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the popcorn!

2. Artistic Performances

Everyone has a hidden talent. Whether it is a musical instrument, performing a Shakespeare soliloquy, or singing a Verdi aria, we all have some art form in our blood. Unfortunately, life made us give it up to focus on putting groceries on the table, diapers on babies’ bums, and rooftops over our heads.

Once a month, a senior community can host an artistic performance that features either one person or a whole host of individuals. This can create an exciting atmosphere for both the star and the entire senior community. In fact, this sounds like a superb storyline for a film or a play!

3. Get Moving

One of the biggest problems for senior citizens is that they don’t move around enough. Because of aching muscles or the desire to just relax after decades of hitting the concrete jungle, retirees refrain from stretching their muscles and lifting something heavy. Unfortunately, standing up becomes an extreme sport.

Why not change this attitude? A retirement community should always be encouraging physical fitness. It doesn’t have to be something extreme like CrossFit or boot camp training. But it can be something as simple and fun like yoga, dancing, walking, or other elementary exercises. As long as you’re moving, then that’s all what matters.

4. Share the Memories

Someone in their sixties, seventies, and eighties has seen a lot. From fighting overseas to exploring Latin America in their youth, the elderly have accumulated a lot of stories over the years.

So, why not share the memories?

A great weekly or monthly activity for your nursing home is to have a day when residents share their memories with their fellow residents, visitors or even elementary school students who are having a field trip. Everyone has an interesting tale, even if you don’t think so.

5. A Group Trip Outside

It’s beautiful outside, so why stay inside? Simply put: you shouldn’t. A quick and effective remedy to this problem is hold group outings on the outside. It doesn’t need to be a hiking trip on Mount Everest but a walk across the city, exploring the various sights and sounds that your area has to offer. This also builds camaraderie, instills exercise in residents, and creates new memories in your winter years.

6. Meditation Time

Lately, meditation has become one of the most popular activities for seniors in nursing homes. This isn’t surprising considering the number of health benefits associated with this centuries-old practice. From the mental to the physical, the studies have discovered numerous ways that meditation can assist with your health, especially in your senior years.

7. Pet Therapy

Like meditation, there are so many positive health effects associated with pets. While most retirement communities do not permit residents to own pets, a lot of these outlets are inviting non-profit organizations and animal shelters to hold pet therapy sessions with senior residents.

Indeed, petting a dog, holding a guinea peg, or spending time with a cat can be quite therapeutic. Moreover, according to the experts, if there are reserved residents, it can bring them out of their shells.

8. Brain Games

A chess tournament, cross puzzles, bingo, jigsaws, and floor games are all ways to stimulate the little gray cells, something that is critical in your old age. By keeping your brain fit, you can fend off a whole host of diseases that inflict the mind. By fostering an environment of stimulating the brain, you can keep everyone cognitively aware, happy, and stimulated.

Retirement homes have greatly evolved over the years. They certainly aren’t your grandmother’s grandmother’s retirement home. They are modern, clean, hygienic, well-staffed, and even technologically-advanced. Every retirement establishment makes young people want to retire early and move in as soon as they can. Of course, boredom can settle in, but you can keep everyone on their toes by instituting some or all of these activities for seniors in nursing homes.

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