8 Office Kitchen Etiquette Tips and Rules

If you work in an office, you know how important it is to be mindful of your manners. Practicing good office etiquette is always a great way to be respected and show respect others.

Etiquette is particularly around the office kitchen, where you can enjoy most of your meals with your other coworkers. The office kitchen is an ideal space to unwind at lunch and take advantage of your break. However, it’s important that you follow the right office kitchen etiquette tips and not upset anybody in the workplace.

The following office kitchen etiquette tips will help you adjust your workplace behavior accordingly:

1. Don’t eat food that’s not yours

Food theft is one of the worst office kitchen etiquette that you can break. While the refrigerator may be well stocked with a variety of items, you enjoy eating, you should never eat another person’s food. Of course, if this individual has agreed to let you do so, that’s another matter.

It’s common for many of your co-workers to label their food. This means you’ll want to keep your hands off on any items unless you have an invitation to do so.

2. Clean up when leaving the table

Unless you want to be considered the inconsiderate and messy person at work, you’ll want to always clean up after yourself. This office kitchen etiquette will take a bit more effort on your part, but a clean office benefits everybody in the long run.

It may be easy to get up and leave crumbs on the table, but this could land you in a hot spot with your co-workers. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe the eating area down entirely before leaving it.

3. Label your food

While it’s less than ideal to try and eat another people’s food in the refrigerator, you don’t want yours to be eaten either. You’ll have a much better chance of avoiding this scenario entirely when you put a label on your containers.

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy but can ensure your food remains untouched. One simple idea is to have a lunch box that you carry to work with your name on it.

4. Brew more coffee

There’s one item that’s likely to be wanted in your office, and this is coffee. You never want to drink the last cup and not brew more.

It won’t take but a few minutes to put on another pot of coffee on and you’ll co-workers will thank you for it. Of course, it’s ideal for any office to have a fund that will easily purchase all the coffee and necessary supplies.

5. Take out the trash

Helping ensure the garbage is taken out each day in the kitchen is essential. You never want to leave it full or to let it run over while in this area.

Of course, if there’s a full-service janitor on call, you may not have to worry about this. However, working in a smaller office may mean doing your part to help take out the trash.

6. Washing the dishes

Leaving a sink full of dishes for another co-worker to have to take care of is never a good idea. In fact, doing this can quickly make you look like the bad guy.

Do your part in keeping the office kitchen looking neat and well cared for when you’re using it. This can allow this space to look its best and is sure to be appreciated.

7. Get rid of strong odours

You never want to be the one that lets food go bad and smell when you aren’t there. Ensuring all the items you have in the refrigerator aren’t spoiled is well worth the time it takes.

You’ll be known for doing your part in keeping this space attractive and clean. The last thing any of your co-workers may want to do is smell rotten food while on the job.

8. Don’t use too much refrigerator space

Keep in mind other co-workers rely on the use of the refrigerator to keep items fresh. It’s never proper kitchen etiquette to try and use too much of this area. Put your food in a compact container and store it in a small section of the refrigerator. Doing this can allow you to take up less space and this is ideal for any office worker to do.

This space is likely to be limited and being considerate of others will always be noticed while during the workday. Regardless if you have a large refrigerator or small one in the kitchen, you’ll want to avoid taking up too much room.

Doing what you can to reduce conflict at work is essential. Of course, the ideal way to make this happen will depend on your daily actions. Engaging in your part to keep the kitchen clean and free of messiness is crucial each day. This will allow you and your co-workers to enjoy a better space for all your foods and to eat your meals in a cleaner place.

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