8 Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

Backyard design is becoming more extravagant every year. Designing a space that you love and will use to its potential requires planning and creativity. Whether do it yourself, or leave it to the professionals, you’ll need to think seriously about your budget, how you plan to use the space, and which design features are important to you.

Is it time to build a new deck or give the old one a fresh new look? While you are considering your style, and choosing your building materials, it’s also a great time to think about what you are going to do with the rest of your back yard. Here are some great landscaping ideas to get you started:

1. Layered Flowerbeds

Layered flowerbeds can be a beautiful way to accent your deck and hide the unsightly mess underneath it. You could match the timber used to build your deck or you could use landscaping bricks, decorative stone

2. Deck Garden Boxes

A perfect addition to your patio, raised gardens are convenient and require less work to keep them looking lovely. Build deck boxes out of your deck material for an attractive yet practical way to arrange flowers or small vegetable gardens.

3. Firepit

Everyone enjoys sitting around the fire on a late summer evening. You may choose to place a gas firepit on the deck and build a container around it out of your decking materials. If you would rather have a wood firepit in the yard, you can use flagstone or brick to surround the fire and create a circular seating area.

4. Separation Between Grass and Deck

If your deck is level with the ground, use river stone, gravel or mulch to provide a visual separation and keep weeds at bay.

5. Plants Around Pool

If you are planning to put foliage around your pool, choose plants that will remain smaller than the pool walls. Otherwise, you’ll append the season cleaning leaves out of the water. Topping the soil with pebbles or mulch can minimize weeds and keep your poolside gardens looking superb.

6. Walking Path to the Pool

Nobody likes grass stuck to the bottom of their wet feet and it can be messy when it’s tracked into the house or into the pool. If your pool is a short walk from the house or patio, consider using patio stones, flagstones or soft pebbles to create a walkway that is both pretty and functional.

7. Landscaping for Privacy

Fencing is great for providing privacy on your property, but some people prefer a more natural feel. Other options like trellises or hedges can help make your space feel more secluded.

8. Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is the perfect final touch, at the end of your project. You won’t need to manage electricity or figure out where to bury cords. The soft lighting will illuminate your hard work while you relax and enjoy the peace and serenity you have created.

When you are constructing or updating your backyard oasis, it is important to put pencil to paper before you start digging. You may change your mind several times before your final design is in place.

Remember to do the hardscaping first. Permanent construction projects like decks, fencing or sidewalks may disturb the ground and soil and you don’t want to damage the plants you worked hard to arrange. Then you are ready for softscaping, or designing the less permanent, living components of your space. Maintain balance in these two areas and enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come.

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