8 Delicious Foods to Pair with White Wine

Imagine having a glass of sparkling white wine at a candlelit dinner with someone special. Now, couple that with a gourmet menu of choice foods that leave your palate screaming for more. White wine is light, simple, yet elegant. Compared to red wine, white wine is more delicate and pairs very well with lighter flavours.

However, it goes down better when accompanied by appropriate foods. The thing to understand is that different types of food can be blended with a plethora of different types of wine. However, always ensure that the acidity in food is lower than that of your select wine.

After buying white wine online, you should also buy delicious food to pair with the wine. Below are some of the foods that should be ideal accompaniments for your glass of white wine.

1. Poultry

Having your white wine with a dish of poultry is always a winner. Serving chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc with chicken or roast turkey could take your dinner to a whole new level. This set piece is especially ideal for Thanksgiving dinners or any other special dinner where poultry is served.

2. Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp

Although seafood pairs very well with white wine, some types such as shrimps, lobsters and crabs provide a much better blend with white wine. They are, however, best served with sauvignon blanc and Riesling to blend the beautiful flavours.

3. Salads and Appetizers

White wine is an ideal choice when combined with light foods such as appetizers and salads. While any type of white wine is recommended for light snacking, Chardonnay is especially a popular choice among most wine connoisseurs.

4. Mild Cheese

Any white wine goes down well with mild cheese. For instance, you can order a plate of gouda, Havarti, or Muenster cheese with your favourite bottle of Chardonnay wine.

5. Fish

Be it baked, grilled, or sautéed, fish is light food that makes it ideal for consumption with white wine. While the most popular wine to accompany a fish meal is Chardonnay, other types such as sauvignon blanc or a dry Riesling are also highly recommended.

6. Asian Foods

Some white wines such as Gewurztraminer and Chenin combine very well with Asian foods. For instance, a light dish that includes rice works very well with white wine.

7. Dessert

The sweet white wine such as Riesling combines very nicely with chocolate. To give it an even tastier flair, smear the rim of your glass with a dash of white or milk chocolate before sipping it. You can also use Riesling with apple pie and caramel sauce.

8. Fruits and Vegetables

Almost all types of white wine can be accompanied by vegetables and fruits. These include dried fruits, mushrooms, strawberries, figs, and herbs and spices. A choice of fresh or dried fruit is a perfect pairing with a glass of white wine, especially sparkling white wine.

As a general rule, light foods go down better with light wine. If you are planning to host a party where light foods will be served, you will need to have your selection of white wines ready to serve. However, if there will be a heavy meal after the appetizers and salads, you may need to have red wine on standby.

Together with these recommendations, experiment with various types of wine and food types until you get a combination that works for you and your guests. This may even be different from the ones discussed here; but at the end of the day, do what feels comfortable to you. Whether you want your guests to take white wine throughout or have them change to red wine in the course of a meal is entirely up to you. Just go with whatever feels comfortable to your palate.

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