8 Best Apology Flowers to Say I’m Sorry

At one time or another in our lives, we say things that we shouldn’t have said. Sometimes it’s just a question of speaking out of turn or reacting in anger and causing untold pain with our words. Some of the mistakes we make are conscious while others are not. Whatever the case, it is important to correct the mistakes and try to make up for any harm brought upon the other party.

For instance, take the case of your partner’s birthday, which they expect you to remember. Unaware, you go on with your day oblivious of this fact. The day comes to an end, and you are still not aware it’s your partner’s birthday. The following day your partner wakes up obviously angry at you. They proceed to ask you what day the previous day was.

At this point the reality hits you: you’ve just missed your partner’s birthday. You did not do or say anything to make them feel special. Remorseful, you decide to apologize by buying them flowers, but you are not sure what type or colour you should buy.

To help you out, here is a list of the best apology flowers that will ensure a perfect reconciliation:

1. Tulip Flowers

Tulips are often seen in spring and are associated with new beginnings. They are basically ‘happy flowers.’ They are the best apology flowers for the wife or girlfriend. They also symbolize peace and forgiveness. The orange, yellow and pink tulips denote sincere apologies. These colours represent class and elegance.

2. Rose Flowers

The name ‘rose’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Rosa.’ It is a flowering shrub that grows in different colours. A rose may be the traditional red, yellow, white, and in some instances, purple. Originally, roses grew wild and came from all over the world.

There are over 100 species of roses. The different colours of roses have different meanings. It is therefore important to pick the right colour for the occasion. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and innocence, making them ideal for the best apology flowers.

3. Orchid Flowers

Orchids represent power, virility, strength and rarity. They too come in a variety of colours such as white, purple, red, pink, yellow or even green. They are ideal apology flowers to a husband or a boyfriend. You may opt to send your husband or boyfriend white orchids as these symbolize sincerity and strength of a relationship. The colour of a bunch of orchid flowers is not such a big deal; it’s the thought that counts.

4. Lily Flowers

Calla lilies specifically symbolize humility and devotion. The flower is beautiful and would highly be accepted by a wife or girlfriend as an apology. Lilies that best denote sincerity feature pastel colours such as pink and yellow, or the white lily

5. Carnation Flowers

Have you recently forgotten your partner’s birthday? Or perhaps you did not show up to support a friend on their big day? Well, pink carnations go a long way to restore peace into your relationship. These are the best apology flowers for saying ‘I will never forget you’ to your partner or special friend.

They are effective in letting your partner know that even if you forgot their big day, you would nonetheless remain committed to them. So, if you have the habit of forgetting to do things or important dates, find yourself a vendor who never runs out of pink carnations. You will need a bunch of them.

6. Ivy Flowers

Ivy works with other flowers. It is reliable foliage that brings out a dash of dependability and support. You can never go overboard with the ivy, and the more of them you have, the merrier. Since it stays green throughout, it symbolizes eternity and fidelity. They are the best apology flowers to give to a spouse after you have messed up.

7. Blue Hyacinth Flowers

Blue hyacinths are bold and unexpected. They are often not the first choice. The blue pigmentation represents ‘truth.’ Hence, the flower denotes sincerity. It is essential not to be predictable when it comes to apology flowers. Your thoughts and mind should be fully invested in coming up with the perfect apology.

8. Yellow and White Gladiolus Flowers

These apology flowers are also referred to as sword lilies. The gladiolus makes beautiful bouquets in mid-summer. They are elegantly beautiful and represent a strong character. The yellow and white gladiolus blends perfectly when used together. Forgiveness is bound to follow when a sincere, heartfelt apology is accompanied by these flowers.

It is important to be remorseful and show that you care about how a loved one feels. White flowers go a long way to show sincerity. Even if your partner got too angry and left for work earlier than usual, or your friend is avoiding you, you can work with a florist or a flower shop to prepare the freshest most attractive flowers as an apology gift to be delivered to your partner or friend wherever they may be. Hopefully, they will look attractive and sincere enough to earn you a smile and forgiveness.

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