8 Bakeware Items A Restaurant Should Have

Investing in bakeware equipment is vital for a restaurants success.  Bakeware drastically improves the quality, taste and production of goods.

Rather than struggle to decide what food equipment your restaurant needs, we’ve listed the most vital bakeware equipment that a restaurant should have:

1. Springform Pans

A springform pan is a pan with sides that can be removed. These sides are often held together with a latch or clasp. This makes it a great utensil to use when dealing with delicate doughs or crusts. For example, with pies, cheesecakes or cakes. This, utensil allows for the dish to be held tightly together while cooking. Once done, the chef can easily slide the dish out without ruining the outer layer.

2. Baking Molds

Baking molds can be used for a variety of dishes. Baking molds are used to maintain the shape of the dish. Some of the most common molds that are used in restaurants are cake molds, gelatin molds, and chocolate molds. Molds tend to be found in either silicone or metal. Silicone molds are great for producing goods that are sticky. For example, homemade chocolates, muffins or jellies.

Although silicone is preferred for its non-stick feature, it is not a good conductor of heat. This could cause a longer than normal bake. To resolve this issue, it is suggested to use a metal mold. Metal molds are great conductors of heat and producing evenly baked goods.

3. Sheet Pans

A sheet pan is an obvious and vital piece of equipment for a restaurant to have. Sheet pans are long rectangular pieces of metal that are used to place food into the oven. This piece of equipment is ideal for flat goods such as cookies, scones or bread rolls.

4. Bread Pans

Bread pans are often used to make breads, loafs, or doughs. These pans are typically metal, short, and rectangular. Bread pans also tend to come with high sides. These are designed to keep the shape of the bread when it is done baking.

5. Flour Sifters

Flour sifters are a type of strainer used to separate flour. This separation process is essential when baking. That’s because, when sifted the flour is much easier to mix. As well, when multiple dry ingredients are combined and passed though the sifter it ensures an even distribution of flavor. Sifting also helps to break up any lumps or particles in the flour. In turn, assisting with the texture of your doughs.

6. Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are wired sheets with openings. They are used to help goods cool down after baking. These racks help to cool as the open bottoms promote air flow. Otherwise, when a hot item is placed on a standard tray condensation can form. When condensation forms, the treat to get soggy.

7. Dough Riser Covers

A dough riser cover is a utensil that adjusts over a bowl while waiting for dough to rise. If your restaurant intends to bake bread of any kind, you should look to invest in these covers. Having dough covers can speed up the baking process as they provide a seal regardless of the bowl.

8. Rolling Pins

Rolling pins are long and round utensils designed to flatten and shape dough. When picking a rolling pin for your company it is best to choose a marble roller. This is because, it is the best to use on pastries. A marble roller can be chilled in the fridge and used on dough without causing it to stick and slowing your productivity.

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