7 Amazing Things About Having Long Hair

Who doesn’t like going to the hair salon? Some women are always happy to try out different fashionable hairstyles, while others are considering cutting their long hair short, or letting their short hair grow. What about you?

Here are 7 amazing things that women love about having long hair.

1. You can try many different hairstyles

Many hairstyles can only be done with hair of a certain length, and are impossible to do with short hair. Whether you like going to the hair salon and let your stylist experiment with your hair, or you want to try it out on your own, long hair allows for different hairstyles.

2. You can also choose to to nothing with your hair

If you don’t like trying different hairstyles, or if you simply don’t like to spend hours on your hair each day, you can simply do nothing with your long hair. Natural long hair always looks fabulous and effortless, and it can be difficult to have a bad hair day with long locks.

3. You can spend more time relaxing at the hair salon

When you go to the hair salon for a trim, or to get your hair dyed or styled, your appointment will surely last longer if you have very long hair. This is not a bad thing at all, as spending a few hours at the hair salon will allow you to relax and pamper yourself.

4. Hair products always smell great

Shampoo and other hair products always smell great, don’t they? Of course, you can use these amazing products even with short hair, but when you have long hair, it gives you an excuse to use more of them, and to enjoy their incredibly luscious smell a lot more since you have a longer surface to maintain and style.

5. It can make you look younger

For many people, long hair is a symbol of youth, and classic beauty. Many women shorten their hair as they get older, but those who prefer keeping their long locks will surely agree that their long hair makes them look and feel younger. Most young girls have very long hair.

6. It brings out your femininity

Many men prefer women with long hair. Long flowing hair easily brings out femininity and sensuality, and can help any woman feel like a gorgeous goddess. Of course, a woman can and should feel beautiful and confident with any hairstyle, but there is something special about long hair that makes it a symbol of womanhood.

7. It’s something to be proud of

Hair grows about half an inch each month, so growing very long hair can take many years. If your hair is long, it means you have resisted the temptation to cut it short during a hot summer, or because you were simply tired of dealing with tangles. This is something you can truly be proud of!

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