6 Ways to Enjoy Food Served with White Wine

White wine comes in a range of flavours and types suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re a fan of a sauvignon blanc or chardonnay, a sweet, fruity flavour or a dry tasting drink, you’ll find a white wine to enjoy.

1. Picking a bottle

The different names you see on white wine bottles in the store refer to the type of grapes used to produce the wine. For example, when you’re choosing a white wine, you can pick a chardonnay or a pinot Grigio, among others. Sometimes, bottles are sold containing a mixture of two or three grape types.

You can also select a wine based on where it was produced. Many countries around the world, including the United States, Italy, France, and South Africa have large wine industries. Due to differences in climate and the production process, you’ll notice a significant difference in how wine tastes from country to country.

2. Drinking wine with food

If you’re serving white wine with your meal, it may be best to plan to cook pasta, fish, or white meats such as chicken. It is generally felt that white wine is best suited to these types of dishes. By contrast, red wines are often served with meals containing red meats, like steak or roast pork.

This is because the taste of red wine tends to be heavier or more overpowering.

Both white and red wines are also a popular choice to accompany your dessert, whether you choose to have ice cream or a warm dish.

3. Other occasions

You may be looking for a bottle of wine or two to take to a party or to enjoy with friends. In this case, you’re entirely free to choose whichever type of wine you like best. If you’re unsure about your choice of wine, consider buying two different kinds. Most retailers or online stores will stock a broad range of white wines, so there’s no need to restrict your purchases to the same brand or grape variety.

4. Chilling your wine

Before drinking white wine, it’s best to chill it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. This is because the flavour of the wine comes out best when it’s chilled. However, if you’re unable to chill your wine, you can still drink it. The recommendation to chill white wine does not apply to red wine as well. Unlike white wine, experts suggest that red wine should be drunk at room temperature.

5. Buying white wine in the store and online

The development of online shopping means you no longer need to go to the local store to purchase your white wine. Instead, you can browse through a retailer’s wine offerings on their website and order your chosen bottles to be delivered straight to your door. Online retailers will pack your white wine carefully in specially-designed boxes with extra protection to ensure the bottles don’t get broken during transportation.

6. Sticking to your budget

When buying wine, there’s something on offer for everyone. Some of the high-end varieties can cost hundreds of dollars per bottle, but cheaper options are on offer too. The general rule is that the more expensive a bottle of wine is, the higher quality it will be. The quality of the wine usually depends on the type of grape used to create it, and the length of fermentation time.

You can find out more about each bottle of wine by reading the description on the label. This typically gives you a short, snappy overview of what the wine tastes like and how it was produced. Sometimes, bottles will also carry information about awards won by the winemaker to indicate the drink’s high quality.

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