6 Steps to Shop for New Patio Furniture

Choosing new patio furniture can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Considered an extension of your home, the patio is a place where friends, family, and neighbours gather to share stories, enjoy meals in the summer evening and spend quality time together.

This is why choosing the right patio furniture can feel overwhelming; you probably want to make the space as warming and inviting as possible. But before venturing out on your patio shopping trip, there are some things you need to consider.

Below are recommendations to help you choose your new patio furniture.

1. Create a List

Before venturing out on your new patio furniture shopping trip, create a list of pieces you’d like to buy. Are you looking for functional or comfortable pieces? Maybe both? Ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve with your patio and how the space will be used.

Some people use their patio for dining, others for lounging, and others for parties. Maybe you would use your patio for all three. You might want to get a table and chairs, a lounge couch, side tables, and a fire pit. The options are endless, but it is up to you to decide how you want to use your patio.

2. Try it Before You Buy it

The tried and true statement is no fail: you want to try your patio furniture before you buy it. Take a seat and test it out. You want your patio furniture to be comfortable, just like your other household furniture. Consider how you will be using it, too, and if the comfort level is what you’re looking for. Some furniture looks good but is not comfortable — try it before you buy it.

If you’re looking for garden furniture or patio furniture in general, consider going for pieces that are easy to care for. Metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces can withstand many seasons and will last a longer than other options.

3. Choose Quality

Cheaper isn’t always better. In the case of patio furniture, and depending on your budget, look for quality within your price range. Plastic chairs and plastic side tables may look great in the store but they usually lose their looks after a year or two of use.

The same can go for wood products and wicker furniture. When in doubt, check it out: read customer reviews and ask your friends and family for suggestions.

4. Think About Storage

If you want to add years to your patio furniture, consider patio furniture you can store and protect from the winter months. Look for furniture that can be stored in your basement or garage during the offseason. If your storage space is limited, look for compact patio furniture that can be folded or easily taken apart.

5. Accessory Rug

Once you’ve planned out your pieces, consider accessories you’d like to have accompany your new patio furniture. Rugs are always a good accessory because not only do they add a completed feel to your patio, but they also help ground the furniture.

All-weather rugs are usually your best option because they can handle different weather conditions. There are also quick-drying rugs you can buy. An accessory rug will add the indoor-outdoor feel to your new patio space.

6. Choose Your Colour

Like most furniture, patio furniture comes in a variety of colours. Consider the type of energy you want to create outside on your patio. You could buy natural tones, such as wood, which can come in black, white, beige and wicker. Perhaps you want metal pieces, which will add a different feel to the patio.

If choosing natural tones for the furniture, consider buying fresh or lively colour cushions and accent pieces.

There are all kinds, types, and colours to choose of patio furniture from. As mentioned above, before venturing out to pick your new patio furniture, take these recommendations into consideration so you know what you want and what to buy. Make your patio a comfortable space for your family and visitors.

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