6 Most Overlooked Spaces While Cleaning A Restaurant

If you own, or manage a restaurant it is vital that you maintain its cleanliness. Not doing so can risk the health and safety of both employees and guests. Rather than risk the repercussions of an unkept restaurant, we’ve listed the most overlooked areas that should be cleaned daily.

1. Walls

The walls of a restaurant are often the most overlooked area when cleaning. That’s because, many do not believe that the walls need to be frequently wiped down and sanitized. However, this is not true, and the walls of both the front and back of house need to be maintained. Walls in both the dining area, and kitchen are highly susceptible to spills, stains and grime. Rather than letting it sit on the wall, it is vital to have them cleaned. Otherwise, you are leaving your restaurant at risk of mold, mildew and unwanted critters that are attracted to what was left behind.

2. Tables

Every table in your restaurant should be sanitized at the end of the day. Although most restaurant kitchens are good at maintaining the tops of tables, very rarely will the entire table be carefully cleaned. This is why you should seek the help of a professional cleaning team that can come into your restaurant, wipe down, and sanitize the entire table. This will be done by wiping down all of the legs and underneath where grime, dust and food can build up over time.

3. Cutlery and Condiments

All of your table top cutlery, condiment containers and table settings should be frequently wiped down and sanitized. This means, wiping down the tops of condiment containers, and salt and pepper shakers on a regular basis. Not doing this can leave it at risk for an unsightly build up which could impact your impression on customers.

4. Flooring and Carpets

If you own a restaurant, you should make sure that all of your flooring and carpers are thoroughly scrubbed daily. Not only will unclean floors leave you at risk of a bad impression on customers but dirt, grime and dust can pose a serious health and safety risk. That’s because, dust can lead to respiratory issues for staff members that frequent the building. As well, buildup of food and spills can lead to unwanted critters such as rodents, mice and bugs. Leaving your restaurant at risk of attracting this can easily be avoided by hiring a professional cleaning team who will be able to sweep and sanitize the floors of your restaurant nightly.

5. Seats

Along with the tables, all of the seats in your restaurant should be maintained daily. The seats that your restaurant guests sit on are often at risk of having food or drinks spilled on them. This can leave an unsightly mess as well as unwanted smells and stickiness. To avoid this from happening, you should consider hiring a restaurant cleaning team to maintain all of the seats in your restaurant.

6. Beverage Heads

Many restaurants overlook the beverage heads in their facility while cleaning. But, the beverage heads are often some of the dirtiest areas of a restaurant. Beverage heads can hold moisture which can lead to a buildup of grime, dirt and even mold. If these particles happen to break off and get into a customer’s drink it can pose a serious health and safety risks. Rather than let this happen to your facility you should consider hiring a professional cleaning team to handle the maintenance of all of your beverage heads today.

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