6 Most Common Issues When Repairing the A/C

As your air conditioning unit is a costly and important investment for your home, it will need proper maintenance and care to keep it in good working order. No matter which brand you go for or how superior the model is, problems are always going to inevitably arise after a while.

Some of the required air conditioning repairs can be very complex and not only difficult to carry out but also risky in terms of your personal safety. Therefore, it’s always best to leave this job to certified professionals. Most repairs of such equipment will require the use of specific tools that only professional repairmen will own, and so trying to do the repair without the correct equipment would only likely cause more damage. Here are a few reasons to never attempt such repairs on your own.

1. Warranty

Most good air conditioning unit retailers will provide a warranty for their products, as well as the option of extra insurance. It’s wise to make use of these. If you choose not to make use of these and you further damage the unit or cause injury to yourself, you will not be covered by your insurance policy and will likely also invalidate your warranty. When you have a warranty, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals.

2. Expense

Carrying out your own repairs means you will have to invest in the right tools for the job and often replacement parts. In addition, if you go cause more damage, invalidating the warranty and insurance, you will void all coverage and will end up paying full price for a professional to then repair the damage you have created, along with the original problem.

3. Time

There is no justifiable reason to spend your spare time attempting to carry out repairs. Time is money, and you could be spending your time more efficiently. The professionals are paid to do this job and they will likely complete the job a lot faster than you could.

4. Safety

Perhaps most importantly, you could cause serious injury to yourself or somebody around you by negligently trying to carry out complex repairs that you are not trained to perform. Some air conditioning units work in tandem with heating systems such as furnaces, and so you could also damage or break those systems too. This could potentially result in a carbon dioxide leak, which is life threatening to anybody in the home.

5. Tools


The tools you will need to repair an air conditioning unit are not the kind of tools that most homeowners have in their homes. It is likely that you do not have the tools needed and you may be unable to purchase them from your local hardware store—especially at an affordable price.

6. Skill and Expertise

No matter what expertise you have or what skills you believe you possess in construction and DIY, an air conditioning unit is a complex device. It’s nowhere near as simple as, say, fixing the kitchen door! More than likely, you will have trouble simply diagnosing the problem and navigating your way around the internal components and functions of the system. As a result, this will only increase the risk of you causing further or irreparable damage.

Don’t waste your time or money—or risk your health and life—trying to repair your air conditioning unit without training or experience. Though you may be good at fixing many other things around the house, an air conditioning unit repair is best left to the professionals. You’ll be able to relax knowing that the job is getting done properly and safely.


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