6 Interesting Ways to Use Mascot Costumes

Mascot costumes work well for school activities, festivals, entertainment shows, advertising and other events. A mascot promotes brands and viral marketing campaigns. It works well when launching a new product or opening a new school in the area. This is because the mascot costume is highly noticeable and catches everyone’s attention.

There are dedicated companies offering customized mascot costumes with your choice of character that will work for your organization or event. You and your organization may be concerned about the material and how comfortable the costume is. You can be assured that a custom-made mascot costume from a specialized company will only use suitable and comfortable materials. The combination of materials used are breathable, lightweight, does not trap moisture and prevents mold or bacteria growth.

Mascot costumes are cuddly, comical and cool. Apart from this, here are the top reasons to use mascot costumes:

1. Advertisement and business growth

The mascot costume can be a part of an effective marketing campaign whether you are a school, food chain, ice-cream shop or children store. You can use a specific character to attract the attention of your audience. This specific character contributes to an interactive marketing campaign that can create profitability for your business. With the mascot costume you also save on reprints and renewal of ads. You can travel with it to any city and use it for various events. The advantage is that the mascot costume is not a static ad, but a very effective interactive ad. It creates brand recognition and loyalty.

2. School events and festivals

If you are a new school or if your school is hosting an event, the mascot costume can make a huge difference. It will attract new children to your school. It works as good publicity for schools, colleges and even universities during sport events. Your school can keep parents, children and young students engaged throughout the entire event. Make sure to invest in a custom-made and uniquely branded mascot costume for effective results.

3. City and street festivals

Many cities host street festivals for important memorable days. A mascot can add color, interaction and entertain for the entire festival. The mascot costume will surely grab attention within the audience. Mascot costumes have a universal appeal and can attract any young age group and even adults.

4. Entertainment shows

Mascot costumes are common in the entertainment industry and have been used in many leading entertainment shows such as Disney. If you have a comedy show or a children TV program, a mascot costume can create a phenomenon for your show. If you have a specific character in mind, you can request the company to provide a design and construction of your character mascot.

5. Sport events and fairs

Mascots work well for social networking at events. People are drawn to mascots and always want to take a photo or video with the mascot. These photos and videos appear on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. It is a good way to promote viral marketing. Mascots are common for sport events as they keep fans cheering and entertained. With a mascot there is never a dull or silent moment. Sport teams can benefit from having their own mascot that aims to create attention for them. This effort will motivate the team.

6. Corporate branding

It is rare to have a mascot costume for a corporate brand. However, this costume can be a differentiator for companies as it offers a memorable experience and message to its targeted audience. Mascots have been well-received by both children and adults even in a corporate environment. You can use a mascot for various company and social networking events.

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