6 Common Causes For Food Packaging Leakages

Many businesses shudder at the thought of their food packaging coming unstuck. This could be caused by leaks and other packaging failures that seriously interfere with the packaged food products. It can also be extremely costly to have to recall food items from the market. Besides, having leak issues or other food product failures can seriously damage your reputation and trust among consumers.

There are many reasons why food-packaging failures occur. The following six are some of the most common.

1. Human Error

People get distracted or simply forget to provide clear instructions on equipment use. As a result, a packaging staff may not be keen enough to ensure a food package is properly labelled and packed. Both machine and human errors are mostly to blame for food packaging failures. When such errors are not caught and rectified before shipping, all you can do is to brace for any eventuality, including recalling the product from the market.

2. Mechanical Failures

Machine malfunctions frequently occur, especially if the packaging equipment is old. Wrong equipment settings also mean that food products are inappropriately packed. This may interfere with product freshness and could even make the food items unsafe for consumption. Make sure that every piece of packaging equipment is clean and frequently inspected, and ascertained to be in perfect working condition.

3. Constraints of Time

When it comes to business, the adage that time is money is true. In the food business, time is even more critical. However, packaging mistakes can occur when you hurry to meet stringent schedules. Rather than rush to meet packaging deadlines, come up with realistic schedules that factor the actual time required to package food items effectively. This way you won’t have to compromise either the quality nor the safety of the packaged items.

4. Wrong Equipment Settings

As noted above, applying the wrong settings on your food packaging equipment can result in food leaks. Even the slightest setting error could mean that a package is not properly sealed. As a result, the food packaging may not be able to withstand the rigours of shipping, and could ultimately arrive in a state that is unsafe for consumption. Simply resetting the packing equipment can solve this problem.

5. Poor Quality Packaging Materials and Design

Trying to save money by using poor quality packaging materials can cost you dearly in the end. To avoid exposing your business to bad press, potential lawsuits, and product recalls, you should use top-notch packaging materials that guarantee the integrity and safety of your food products. Further, you should hire an expert packaging designer to come up with a watertight packaging design that does not compromise the safety of your food products. If you are using pre-made packaging materials, buy them from reputable manufacturers who adhere to the highest industry standards.

6. Poor Inspection

Canada treats food safety issues seriously. You are expected to follow stringent safeguards to assure the safety of food from the time it is packaged until it reaches the client. To ascertain this, you should perform thorough and honest inspections at every stage of the food packaging process. You need to use leak detection equipment to ascertain that food packaging is safe in transit, when at the store or warehouse, or on the shelves waiting to be picked by eager customers, and when en route to a customer’s home or business.

The cause of leaks in food packaging is usually a result of human errors and machine failure, incorrect equipment settings, use of poor packaging materials, poor inspection, and a tendency to rush through the packaging process. With proper care and attention to detail, you can prevent leaks from seeping into your food packaging material.


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