5 Types of Background Checks On Your App Developer

So, you’re having an app developed, but you don’t have the skills or knowledge to do it yourself. No problem! You can hire an app developer to do it for you. Before you do, though, you’ll need to make sure that the app developer company you choose to develop your app will be able to effectively make your vision a reality. Do a little snooping on the app developer you plan to use before moving ahead with hiring. It will help ensure the final product is a fully functional application.

1. Look at their past

Find out what apps the company has developed in the past. Download them yourself and test them for functionality. Check the ratings to see what other people think too. This gives you a good idea of how user friendly the apps that company develops are. Try to find out if they have any that are similar to the app you would want, and think about whether you would be happy with a similar app.

You can also ask to speak to past clients who can tell you first hand what it is like to work with that app development company. It is a good way to corroborate what the developer says.

2. Find out what platform they specialize in

Although there are cross-platform apps, most developers specialize in one platform, like Android or iOS. If you want your app to be available on different platforms, you can have it created by separate developers to ensure full functionality on all platforms.

The good news is that an app development company may have many developers, and can there for support the development of your app in different platforms. It is still imperative that you confirm that the company has the resources for the task though.

3. Ask how and how often you will be in contact

The app is your brainchild, and it’s the developer’s job to take that and make it a reality. That being said, you’ll need to agree upon a form of keeping on contact – that can be physical meetings, email, a task management program, by telephone, or a mixture of different options. You will also need to know how often you will be expected to provide feedback and input, and how often they will be providing updates about your app. You should be well informed about the status of your app at all times. That being said, you may wish to limit updates to specific dates and get a big update all at once. It is important that you discuss this with your app developer.

4. Make sure they really get it

Your app developer needs to understand your company’s values and goals in order to create an app that will be successful with the target audience. The developer also needs to understand the idea – everything from what functions the app should have to what it should look like. It is up to you to analyze from your interactions whether or not they are really getting it. If you ever have any doubt in your mind that they are not going to produce what you’ve outlined, go with a different developer.

5. Discuss post-launch maintenance

Developing and launching the app is one thing, but once you have the app running there will always be maintenance needed. You need to find out what kind of maintenance the company is planning on offering. How much will maintenance cost you, and how will it be tracked? What is the scope of the maintenance services that the company is going to provide? How often will the developer do updates? Apps are ever-changing and need regular attention.

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