5 Regular Maintenance Tips for Wooden Watches

Are you tired of those $2 watches from Amazon? Does that watch from Walmart keep breaking down? Is that pocket watch from your great-grandfather cramping your style?

Well, have you thought about investing in a wooden watch?

A wooden watch is an incredible device that is unique, durable, and long lasting. It may come with a hefty price at first, but its longevity and originality makes it a worthwhile purchase, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd and be different.

The key thing about owning a wooden watch is maintenance. With the right TLC, it can look and work great for many years.

Here are five ways to keep your wooden watch in great shape:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Your Watch

Since you’re likely frightened that your new watch may rot and decay if you repeatedly wear it, you might decide that you want to keep it in storage and only wear it on special occasions. Bad idea.

It may seem counter intuitive, but the best way to take good care of your wooden watch is wear it on a regular basis, whether to work or to dinner.

A wooden watch is designed to depend on the individual’s natural oils to ensure it is moisturized to avoid it becomes too dry, which can create discolouration and cracks. In other words, your skin is a lubricant and your wooden watch will absorb it and shine.

2. Swimming or Showering – Stay Away from Water

Now, we recommend to make your wooden watch a part of your daily wardrobe. However, there is one thing you need to be aware of: water. A wooden watch’s kryptonite is water.

If you think you’ll be near water, then be sure to take it off and place it some where nice (see below).

Whether it is going for a swim in the lake or taking a long cold shower in the summer, you need to prevent your wooden watch from making too much contact with the water.

3. Too Much Sunlight is a Bad Thing

There is another enemy for your wooden watch: sunlight, but only if it is too much.

Like other wooden materials, too much sunlight can crack and discolour your possession. The sunlight will produce thin and long lines of cracking if your watch is exposed to the sun for too long.

Of course, you should not go overboard and never wear it whenever you’re outside enjoying the sun. It’s all about moderation.

4. Store it the Right Way

Knowing how to store your wooden watch is key to longevity. Taking it off before bed, going on vacation, or enjoying a long bath. It is imperative to store your watch the right way.

So, how exactly should you store your wooden watch?

Here are two ideas:

  • Long: store your watch in the storage box it comes in.
  • Short: place it on your dresser or dresser drawer.

If you’re leaving it in your briefcase for a long period of time, then it might get scratched. If you’re not wearing it for a day or two, placing it on the nightstand could lead to disastrous results, like a water spill or a drop to the ground.

5. Change the Battery Every 18 Months

Typically, the average wooden watch battery has a lifespan of two years. For maximum effectiveness, it would be a good idea to change it every 18 months to prevent the day the battery stops and you lose track of time.

One more thing: the day you change the battery should be the day you bring it in for a professional inspection, repair, and routine maintenance.

A wooden watch isn’t just a prized possession, it is an experience. One of the benefits of owning a wooden watch is that it ages so it will naturally change over time, and you should pay attention. Yes, your maintenance regimen will slow down the aging process, but you will still notice a slight change in colour, shape, and overall appearance. It is rather interesting.

When you want to keep your device in great shape, follow these tips!


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