5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Ballet

If your son or daughter has expressed an interest in finding something new to try, it is typical for a parent to consider a sport. Sports such as hockey, baseball, or soccer are pastimes that have been quite popular for decades.

Such activities should never be discouraged as they are a great way for your child to meet new people and get some exercise. However, if they have expressed their wishes to break the mold, one option that has become extremely popular is ballet. Below are reasons to consider a ballet class for your child and ways that they could benefit.

1. Minimizes stress

Children have a lot to deal with in terms of keeping up their personal responsibilities, meeting school deadlines, and also maintaining some measure of social interaction and acceptability in their own circles. It helps to have an activity that imposes no constraints or pressure and allows a child to just let go and get involved in something they like.

Ballet and other forms of creative dance have been shown to reduce stress in both kids and adults. The combination of music and elegant movement can be great for your child especially if he or she needs to get away from a busy schedule and spend time doing an activity they like.

2. Teaches coordination & improves balance

Dance has a profound mental and physical effect and one of the ways it can help your child is by making them aware of movement and coordination. It is something a lot of people take for granted but it helps to create a mental and physical balance that eventually eliminates clumsiness and bad posture. Your child will learn to stand and sit elegantly and control their body movements which will improve motor skills tremendously.

Dance allows your child to enhance muscular strength, flexibility, and it makes him/her more graceful. Ballet is especially good at enhancing flexibility and balance. For parents that want to see their child grow to be nimble yet athletic, ballet should definitely be considered.

3. Can improve focus

If your child struggles to pay attention in class or spends a lot of time daydreaming, ballet might be a good way to explore and express their own individuality. Keep in mind that most kids have a short attention span, but if you notice a lack of interest in academia or other activities then you may consider signing them up for ballet classes.

Artistic interests are good for developing the brain and enhancing cognitive function. If your child does not have any specific thing he/she likes, taking ballet can provide a creative, healthy outlet. Hopefully this will improve their ability to focus on something useful.

4. Will give your child exposure

Exposure to other children is particularly important if your child is showing signs of loneliness or has not connected with others at school. Taking ballet will give your child plenty of time and opportunity to mingle with other kids and make new friends.

Classes provide a positive environment to socialize. Just a few minutes of exercise will improve self-esteem and mood problems.

5. Improves learning & problem-solving

Dancing activates several brain functions at the same time, and research has shown that movement plays an important role in the learning process. By taking ballet lessons, your child will learn how to improve through consistent practice, identifying problems, and coming up with innovative solutions.

Taking ballet classes allow for creative thinking, a critical aspect of daily life that improves our ability to make good choices and it helps if your child can learn this skill early. It builds imagination, teaches improvisation, and gives them confidence to try out new things. It’s a simple way for your child to get involved in something that impacts positively on their childhood all the way into adulthood.


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