5 Moving Tips to Keep You Relaxed

Moving is never easy, and most people usually make it hard on themselves. Failing to plan ahead will only leave you pulling your hair out on moving day. In addition to preparing ahead, you also have to know what to plan for. Check out these five suggestions that will help keep you sane on moving day!

1. Organize Your Items Into Categories

Moving is significantly easier if you start organizing from now. Nothing is worse than moving into your new home and living out of boxes for the first few months. It’s next to impossible to find all your dishes and other daily items when your life turns into box mode. Organizing into categories helps you avoid this problem.

The best way to organize your items is to label each box clearly. You should also be strategic and leave things you need first like dishes, office equipment, and electronics at the front of the moving truck. Try and get this organization done as far as in advance as possible.

2. Budget For A Trip To The Hardware Store

The hardware store is going to have everything you need for a successful move. Budgeting ahead of time makes it easy to make just a single trip to the hardware store. With all the other tasks you have to deal with, you don’t have time to be going back and forth for supplies.

Start by making a detailed list. Brainstorm with everyone involved and figure out what you need to move. Boxes, packing paper, extra screws, packing tape and measuring tape need to be on your list. Everything from screwdrivers to lighters can come in handy when you’re planning a move.

Another thing to keep in mind at the hardware store is to get equipment for your new home. You’re going to need light bulbs, power strips, and extension cords. You may also need batteries for your new smoke detectors and other devices.

3. Pack Your Fragile Items Ahead Of Time

If you’re going to be moving fragile items, get everything ready to go a few weeks before your main move. Decorative items can be difficult to move. Giving the movers extra time ensures your items won’t be damaged. Chances are the movers won’t be happy if you spring some hard to move items on them when they show up on moving day. It’s going to take some creativity to figure out how to move oddly shaped and heavy items.

4. Spend Some Time Researching Movers

You’ll be much better off if you shop around before picking a moving company. The movers you work with will have a profound impact on your moving experience. It’s well worth your time to search out a moving company who’s willing to do the little things to take the stress out of moving. Try and get quotes from at least three different movers before making a decision.

5. Don’t Wait Until A Few Days Before Moving Day To Call In Favors

You’re going to need all the help you can get when you’re moving. Relying on the movers isn’t enough unless you got a hefty budget. Recruiting help from friends and family can help you save money during the moving process.

Don’t be the person who springs moving on their friends a week before it happens. Send out a mass email or text at least a month before with all the details. Include where to meet, what time, what people should wear and what their reward is for helping you. If your email doesn’t at least include a mention of pizza, don’t expect too many answers back.

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