5 Guidelines for Painting Your Home Professionally

Professional painting can enhance a home making it look brand new. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and tasks to get the job done right the first time. There are a few homeowners that assume house painting is a simple job and does not require much planning. However, painters are skilled and knowledgeable. They can read blueprints, examine surfaces to determine the type of paint suitable, and prepare walls and surfaces for painting by using sandpaper. They have experience and knowledge on the tools and materials to apply.

There are so many painting contractors in the market, making it difficult to choose the right painter for your home improvement project. Here are important tips to help you choose the right painting contractor.

1. Check if the painting contractor is licensed

All painting contractors should be licensed and insured. They carry worker compensation insurance protecting their employees. A secured license ensures that the selected painter is qualified to do the job.

2. You might pay more for quality

To choose the best painter, you might have to request for more than three or four quotations. Once you realize that the price is more or less similar, you can be assured that the price charged is accurate. The next step is to review other factors such as licenses, certifications and experience.

When choosing your painting contractor, do not select them based on the low price quoted. Request for a quote, review experience, check licenses and insurance. Quality work at a reasonable price is the best option! Moreover, these painting contractors will offer a warranty for the work completed.

3. Explore your options and hire a professional contractor

We all think that painting can be a do-it-yourself project. However, there are steps for preparation such as surface preparation, priming and applying the finish coat. Only professional painters can carry out these stages producing top quality work, while protecting your furniture, fixtures and flooring. A professional painter will explain clearly how the work will be performed. Trying to do the work yourself will result in more work later or paint all over your furniture and floors at home.

Even the highest quality paint cannot replace paint workmanship. Professional painters ask plenty of questions about the job and may even visit your home to determine the right type of paint suited for your walls.

4. Review previous work and presentation

Painting is a substantial investment so you want to ensure you choose a painter that you can trust. To be sure about the painter, review previous work that is similar to your project. Review photos and testimonials if available. Don’t be afraid to request for references if you really want to be confident with your selection.

As far as presentation, look at whether the painting company is businesslike, respectful and courteous. If they are, you can be assured that the paint work will be carried out professionally.

5. The use of high quality products

You might be wondering whether high-quality paint really matters especially when you are on a tight budget. It is tempting to choose inexpensive options due to your limited budget. However, it is crucial to hire a painting contractor that implements high-quality paint that comes with a guarantee. The quality of the paint will determine the finish and how long the paint will last.

High-quality paint might be expensive, but it is long-lasting and worth the investment. It is easy to apply and does not require many coats. It can resist dirt, stains and fingerprints. This way you can enjoy your new decor and home improvement for years, instead of having to re-paint every so often.

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