5 Easy Party Planning Tips to Follow

Planning a party quickly gets out of control if you’re not careful. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and wishing you were doing anything else but planning a party. Use these five tips to help guide you through the party planning process.

1. Enlist A Team To Help You

Even though you’re the host of the party, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Planning a party should be fun, but it usually isn’t when you’re overwhelmed with details. Working with your friends is a great way to make planning a party fun again.

Even if you don’t get help with the planning part, it’s still a good idea to get help in other areas. You might want to hire a company to clean up after or a company to cater the food. If people offer to stay behind and help, don’t be polite and refuse them! Having a few extra hands on deck makes everything a lot easier.

2. Use A Simple Menu

As soon as you try to get fancy with the menu, problems start happening. Do yourself and keep the food simple. One option is to make one or two items yourself and get everyone else to bring one thing. The potluck style party is a good way to have a variety of food with minimal effort on your part.

Another way to simplify your menu is just to get a catering company to handle everything. Going with a catering company allows you to access a varied menu with no effort on your part. If you use paper plates and cutlery, you won’t even have to clean up afterward!

Unless you want to be serving drinks all night, do yourself a favor and make a giant vat of one drink. You can make an enormous jug of margaritas and fill half with alcohol and leave the other half non-alcoholic. Sticking to one drink significantly cuts down on prep time and effort.

3. Make A Playlist Ahead Of Time

Decide what type of ambiance you want to create and make a playlist ahead of time. Using a playlist to your advantage is a great way to save money on a DJ. Just make an effort to include tunes that fit the occasion. If you’re making a playlist for a wedding, it’s worth it to go out of your way and download classic instrumentals just in case.

4. Advantage Of A Flower Delivery Service

Outfitting your party with flowers has a drastic impact on the ambiance. If you’re planning a baby shower, wedding reception or any other special occasion you need flowers. Use a flower delivery service to your advantage to help you save time.

Using a flower delivery company prevents you from having to transport flowers in your car. Spilling water or getting soil on your carpets can ruin your upholstery. Flower delivery companies also understand how to manage the temperature, wind, and sunlight to deliver your flowers safely. Entrusting the flowers to a professional company saves you a lot of effort.

5. Set The Stage Ahead Of Time

Getting everything ready a day or two before significantly reduces stress when its time for the party. You should handle things like notifying your neighbors, decorating and handling the food at least a few days before the party. If you have to rearrange furniture or a room to make space, do this at least the day before.

If the party is going to be at your place, make an area where people can place their coats. Make sure you take any personal items out of your bathroom and medicine cabinet that you don’t want anyone to see. On the day of the party, you should only have to handle small things such as laying out and heating up the food.

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