5 Due Diligence Questions You Must Ask Your Moving Company

Moving is always a real task and challenge, even with help. Without help, it can be an overbearing experience that is hardly enjoyable for some people. This is a prime reason as to why professional movers such a valuable enterprise in the world today, however there should be some thought put into hiring a moving company. What exactly are some things that you should be asking beforehand though?

In the below guide, you will find five important things that you should always ask a moving company before choosing whether or not to hire them?

1. Are They Properly Licensed?

Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of legal licenses that a moving company should have at all times. In all honesty, most people would assume that the company would have all of their proper licensing and documentation, which is reasonable, but the fact of the matter is that not all moving companies will have that kind of integrity. This is a good reason as to why it is always good to ask. Plus, it helps you stay well away from moving companies that are not exactly being honest with you.

2. Are They Able to Handle My Situation?

There are many different types of a moving situation. Perhaps you live in a rather remote rural area, in which case some moving trucks that are able to handle that terrain will be needed. Then again, you may live in a high-rise building, and getting a few certain pieces of furniture down to the ground floor will take some good, old fashioned human ingenuity. Whatever the case, they need to know of your situation, and you need to know if they can actually handle it.

3. What Liability Coverage is Provided?

Moving can be a pretty treacherous area. You never fully know exactly what can go wrong in a given moment, and you can wager a little money that if something can go wrong, it will. This is why liability coverage is an attractive feature for any moving company. If a moving employee is injured while moving your stuff, they will not technically be injured on your behalf.

Plus, if any of your items are lost or damaged, then you can be reimbursed for those items. Hopefully, neither of those situations will be the case, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Do You Have References

The best way to know what type of movers you are dealing with is to take a good, hard look at their references, if they have any. Hopefully they do have references, but if they do not, you may want to take a couple of steps back from them.

If they do, however, provide references, then you will probably know what to look for. Be on the lookout for not only the praises but the criticisms, as well. If you feel that the pros outweigh the cons, then you might want to move forward in your consideration process.

5. Is There a Binding Quote or Not-To-Exceed Estimate?

When the company learns about your situation, you should see if they will offer you a quote on how much their services will cost. This is good, as it allows you to know what to expect, but you should also ask whether or not those estimates are binding. After all, no one wants to build a plan around a set price only for the moving company to end up asking for way more due to various reasons that were not originally stated in their estimate.

Always aim for the binding quote. It is suggested that you try to be as thorough as possible when explaining how much of their services will be required, as that will help them build an accurate estimate for you.


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