5 Car Rental Guidelines for an Enjoyable Road Trip

You need a rental car for your upcoming road trip you have planned. However, you are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with all of the choices available. Below are 5 factors to consider when renting a car for a road trip. Being mindful of them will ensure you get the one that meets your needs and subsequently allow for a more enjoyable time.

1. Size

When going on a road trip, you want there to be ample space for every passenger’s luggage as well as the passengers themselves. Otherwise, you will use the space you do have for bags and be forced to put others in seating areas, crowding people and not making the trip very enjoyable.

Before reserving a rental car, take inventory of how many people will be going on the road trip and get an accurate idea of the luggage they will be taking. After this, you can then look at your rental car options. If it will just be you and a partner, you can probably get away with an economy or compact car. Any more than two people you should consider a mid-size or full-size vehicle. For a group of people consider a van with tons of room for luggage and to spread out in.

2. Fuel efficiency

Fuel prices are at all-time highs with a majority of people trying to save when and where they can. This is recommended if you are taking a long road trip and will therefore be spending a lot at the pumps.

As mentioned, the size of your party will greatly influence the size of car you rent. However, if you can, economy and compact cars will save you noticeable amount of money on gas. Larger vehicles and vans will cost you more because they are not as fuel efficient. Before settling on a car rental, it is recommended that you look on the websites of different companies and see which cars they offer. Then you can research each one to see how fuel efficient they are.

3. Comfort

Roads trips often entail being in a vehicle for extended periods of time. Therefore, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, the trip will not be as fun as you intended.

Before renting a car, take account for each passenger and their size. This will guarantee you get a vehicle that is comfortable. For example, if you have someone coming with you that is heavier or taller, they may not be thrilled with you renting an economy or compact car that is short on space and lower to the ground. Also be mindful of the driver as well. You want to make sure he/she can drive the vehicle comfortably, being able to see easily out of all windows and reach the gas and brake pedals.

4. Quality

When you are on your road trip, the last thing you want to happen is the car you rent breaking down. You may have purchased insurance but the time you waste waiting for a tow truck and finding another vehicle to rent could seriously eat into your vacation time.

Looking into the quality of the vehicle is crucial before you rent it. Read reviews online of people who have driven the vehicle you are considering. If bad reviews seem to mount up, consider another vehicle. Also ask to see the maintenance record of the vehicle before you leave to determine if it has been well cared for.

5. Features

Road trips are fun, but long stretches of rural roads, unfamiliar territory, and bored children can make the excursion a nightmare in no time.

When you rent a vehicle, consider a few additional features to ensure the trip goes as smooth as planned. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in the vehicle. Consider things such as a GPS that will allow you to avoid getting lost and a DVD player that will keep the children busy until you reach your destinations.

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