4 Ways to Obtain Information About a Car

A vehicle identification number, or VIN, has many benefits for the seller and buyer of a car. The VIN is a unique identifier that is given to every car that is made up of numbers and letters. This identifier will tell you the make, model, year, and where the car was created.

This is an important piece of the car as it helps validate the vehicle, view the history of ownership, it allows the manufacturer to trace any problems and conduct a recall if required.

The following explains the top benefits that a VIN number provides to consumers when looking to purchase a used car.

1. Validate the vehicle history

Whether you are buying a used car from a dealer or independent seller, you want to make sure that all the information they are providing is accurate and honest. By obtaining and utilizing the VIN number lookup to view the car’s complete history, you can verify the information the vendor is giving you because the VIN number will automatically give you a complete history, from the time it was made until the present.

You can obtain this report by using a software that gives you access to this information. If you do not have the software, a dealership or repair shop will be able to look up the VIN number and provide you with the report.

2. View all features of the car

The VIN number also lists all features and details of the car. This benefit can be used both during and after purchase. Before buying, you can check the VIN number to ensure that all listed features are actually built into the car. This will show if the feature was included in the original make of the car or if it was added by a previous owner.

After purchase, you can check the list of features to see if you are taking full advantage of your new vehicle. There may be features that you were not aware of and did not use prior to seeing the complete list.

3. Easily obtained information

When taking your car in for service, the mechanic will want to have as much information as possible in order to provide the best service. Providing the VIN number will save you from having to answer a million questions, and save you money as a physical diagnostic test to obtain information is much more costly than downloading the car history with the VIN number.

Some insurance policies may require a copy of the VIN number to validate all the information you are giving to them. Also, if you want to sell your car, providing this number to dealerships or buyers is a great way to stay honest and receive the true value of your vehicle. Keep this unique identifier handy and available at all times for your convenience.

4. Notice signs of damage or repair 

Though this VIN number does provide accurate and thorough information, it is important that you also look for noticeable signs of damage or repair. Some accidents can be hidden and may not be reported on the VIN number. Do your part to physically examine the car to determine if there are any signs that show the owner may not be giving the full history. The VIN number benefits both the buyer and seller if used properly and all information is updated and reported.

If you do purchase a used car, make sure to file documentation as soon as possible. If there is a manufacturer problem and a recall is required, the VIN number will provide them with your contact information.


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