4 Types of Health Benefits From Coffee Enemas

You may love your morning coffee, but did you know that there’s another way that coffee can improve your health? Research has shown that coffee enemas are beneficial to flush out fungus, heavy metals, bacteria and yeast from the digestive tract. Another health benefit of coffee enemas is that it can also lower inflammation and restore proper bowel function.

Enemas have been used for thousands of years but it is only in the last 80 or so years that coffee enemas have gained popularity in functional and alternative medicine practices. Nowadays, doctors use coffee enemas on patients to help fight cancer, overdoses, parasites, candida, IBS and other digestive disorders, constipation, and liver dysfunction.

Here are the four main health benefits of coffee enemas:

1. Coffee Enemas Can Fight Cancer

In 1958, Max Gerson, M.D. published a book called “A Cancer Therapy” in which he described the use of coffee enemas. Since then, he has used this therapy in thousands of cancer patients. Combined with nutritional supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet, the daily enemas were used to speed up the body’s detoxification process. The Gerson Therapy was designed to build up the cancer patient’s immune system and to restore electrolyte balance. Patients were able to stop taking their pain medications, restore tissue repair and liver function. Some did up to six coffee enemas each day.

2. Coffee Enemas Can Increase Antioxidant Activity

It’s believed that coffee enemas help a person to increase production of glutathione S- transferase. Many people pay a lot of money for this supplement, so the person who performs the coffee enemas can save money and reduce the number of supplements they take on a daily basis.

Glutathione S-transferase is an enzyme that searches out free radicals in the digestive tract. These free radicals contribute to poor gut health, systemic inflammation, cellular damage, and liver disease. Once these free radicals are neutralized, bile carries the substances out of the body via regular bowel movements.

3. Coffee Enemas Can Relieve Constipation

One of the most common complaints from adults is constipation, and laxatives purchased over-the-counter are one of the most popular OTC medicines purchased. If you struggle to have regular bowel movements, a coffee enema can provide healthy and natural relief. The water inserted into the colon helps increase bile production and stimulates peristalsis in the gut.

This helps the colon to empty stool and removes toxins, food residues, and impacted faces that causes constipation. Coffee enemas can also help clean out the slight openings in the colon wall, diverticulitis, that can trap bacterial organisms or food particles.

4. Coffee Enemas Can Detoxify Your Body and Health

Similar to how dialysis works to clean a person’s blood, coffee enemas help to clear out any unwanted materials from the bloodstream and gut wall. Coffee enemas help a person’s body to expel waste materials. The main job of the enema is to mechanically purge the colon, flushing out yeast, bacteria, parasites, and heavy metals that can contribute to inflammation and disease.

Coffee also acts as an astringent, washing away the top layer of mucous membranes within a person’s digestive tract. This helps with cell turnover since shedding the top layer within the gut’s lining helps the body speed up the cleansing and growth of new cells.

If you’re interested in trying coffee enemas, make sure to choose organic, non-decaffeinated coffee beans. It’s best if you can grind the beans yourself since this will keep the antioxidants as much as possible. A normal enema bag is all you need. Start out with one enema a week and work up to doing once daily, especially helpful if you have a digestive disorder. Those who are very ill might see more health benefits from doing multiple coffee enemas each day.


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