4 Questions About Staying in a Furnished Apartment

Life can be unpredictable. Have you found yourself in a position of needing a short-term rental? Whether it is a temporary work contract, alternative accommodation during a major home renovation, or even an extended vacation or family visit, you have options that offer great benefits for extended stays.

A home away from home awaits you in a luxury furnished apartment. Furnished apartments can offer a large selection of short-term rentals that can meet the needs of any client. Whether you’re looking for a small functional space to work in, or a spacious and modern three-bedroom unit to accommodate your family, you’ll be able to find a place you feel right at home in.

1. What to look for?

When finding a furnished apartment, it is all about the little details. Find a furnished apartment that is designed to offer the exact amenities that make any home environment a welcoming place to return to. Ideally, the units should come equipped with ultra-comfortable queen-sized beds, flat screen TVs, WiFi, and all new appliances, including a washer and dryer.

Aside from this, you also ensure that each apartment is equipped with everything you need to remain stress free during your stay. With complimentary soap, hairdryers, towels and more, you can simply show up and start enjoying your stay.

2. Where to live?

Research carefully for a furnished apartment in a variety of locations throughout the city to address your individual needs. Each neighborhood should be carefully considered based on the optimal access to a selection of food and entertainment, medical assistance, and straightforward airport connection.

Near Toronto, many travellers find comfort in a furnished apartment within proximity to the city’s downtown core, such as accommodations in Pinnacle Crystal, Pinnacle Grand Park, Parkside Village, or PSV. They are all safe and welcoming communities that enjoy access to the amenities of a bustling modern city, while maintaining the peace and tranquility of a small town neighbourhood familiarity.

3. What to look forward to?

A furnished apartment provider understands that the experience of arriving “home” starts before you even unlock the front door. Each apartment building should have easy access to a swimming pool, gym, in addition to a lounge and theatre room.

It’s all the benefits of hotel living, while also making sure you have the privacy and access available to do things at your own pace. Traveling and relocating already come with enough stresses of their own, so furnished apartments want to ease the annoyance of disrupting your regular routine and provide a touch of luxury and indulgence to your time away.

4. Why would you choose anything else?

Although it might sound too good to be true, the fact of the matter is that a short-term apartment actually saves you money while providing you with more space and privacy than alternative temporary accommodations. Having your own kitchen and living room can make a big difference regarding the level of comfort you’re able to experience.

Renting a multi-room apartment means you have space for family and friends, giving you more freedom to enjoy your stay as you see fit. There is room to accommodate visitors, and unlike a hotel, this comes free of charge. It still feels like your own proper space and you can feel comfortable using it as you see fit. Why let someone else decide how your space should be utilised properly? Between the money savings, extra freedom, and unique amenities that you will find, short term apartment rentals have it all.


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