4 Promotional Products That Will Boost Your Brand

You are a business owner getting ready for the day of your big launch and you need to devise a plan that will help you make the biggest impact. A strong message, an infallible business model, and the right ‘big splash’ that will help bolster the name of your business. What better way to leave a lasting impression than to leave your launch attendants and possible future clients with a product that bears your branding? You will need to put some thought into what products you are handing out.

Generic products may do the trick if they are commonly used and keep your business name on the top of their mind. However, you should also consider what your business covers and what image you would like to put out there. For example, if your business sells soft drinks, it would make sense to give out drink cozies with the company name and logo on it (with a free sample of the product, of course).

Here are a few other options that will help out with your brand recognition:

1 – Pens

This may sound like cheap, general merchandising until you consider the convenience and use you can get out of a pen. Each time the client who attended the launch uses the pen, they will be reminded of your business name. Adding your name and contact information is also a great way to being as accessible as possible. It is also an inexpensive investment that is sure to clear out quickly!

2 – Coffee Mugs

Clients may take these self-promoting coffee mugs home, or they may leave them in the communal office kitchen for other potential clients to see. Since coffee is so deeply ingrained in office culture and home life, this promotional gift makes sense for practically any industry.

3 – Reusable Shopping Bags

This product can be hit or miss. Some may find a great sense of convenience for the next time they go shopping, or others may approach it with a “not another one of these!” kind of attitude. It can be worth investing in since more and more people are using reusable bags while doing their weekly shopping, and each time they use it, it is a free form of advertising for other passersby who see it. If your company values sustainability, then this is a good promotional product to show others what your brand is about.

4 – Notebooks

People tend to not let notebooks go to waste in the office, which makes sense: they cover notes for meetings and they hold ideas that you can save for later. They can also last a while depending on the page count. Each time that notebook is pulled out during a meeting, that is an advertisement that their co-workers will see.

There are many different ideas you can go for while planning your business launch, but you do not want to go for the product that will likely be tossed out right away. T-shirts are fine for a while, but they often make their way out of the client’s wardrobe or are usually only worn around the house where they cannot serve as an effective form of advertising. Lesser used products like coasters, keychains, and lanyards are also tempting, cost-effective options, but you have to consider how often they are used.

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