4 PR Guidelines to Handle Crisis Management

Whether you are a business owner, brand, or aspiring to be someone famous, you try your best to build a solid reputation through interviews and social media outlets. However, no matter how much hard work you put into this, it can all come crashing down with something you say or do that can be misconstrued by the public.

When this occurs, you need to do your best to repair your reputation and this is where a public relations (PR) agency can come in handy. A representative from such an agency can perform crisis management processes and below are 4 ways that PR agencies can assist.

1. Professional

Sometimes when you do or say something wrong, you offend people. These same people can act irrationally and do or say things that they would not usually under normal circumstances. The main thing is for you to remain calm and collected and not do or say anything that would damage your reputation even more.

A PR agency can help during crisis management because they are professional. Representatives from these agencies are used to dealing with a variety of situations and know how to keep calm. A PR agency will be able to address the situation, maintain consistency, and address issues of the public with a professional, knowledgeable tone.

2. Representation

If you have caused a crisis due to your words or actions sometimes it is best to take a time-out and remove yourself from the public eye. By doing so, you are giving yourself a break by not subjecting yourself to attacks from the public and you will avoid making the situation worse.

When you hire a PR for crisis management, you are provided with a representative to be your face during the ordeal. Any comments or issues can be directed towards this person and he/she will know how to address it accordingly. Even as you go through this crisis you are probably still busy nonetheless with other responsibilities. A PR agency can assume the role of crisis management, allowing you to concentrate on other important things.

3. Re-builds your reputation

When a crisis occurs that has caused your reputation to take a hit, the main goal is to repair or reverse the damage done by acknowledging the issue, expressing your remorse, and taking action to make amends for what you have done. Because this may be your first crisis, you may not know the best course of action to take. This is where a PR agency can be helpful.

A PR agency knows the steps that should be taken to rebuild your reputation. Whether it be through interviews, press conferences, or social media, a PR representative knows what to say and how to say it, ensuring that you will have the best chance of getting past the crisis and repairing any damage done to your reputation.

4. Guidance

Sometimes the best solution to a crisis that you were the cause of is standing up and taking responsibility for it. If this is the course of action that you take, there is no reason that a PR representative cannot be behind you, in the shadows offering guidance and support.

A PR agency can be effective in coaching you to survive a crisis. A major part of this is advising you on what to say if contacted by the media, individuals, or public bodies. In doing so, the representative can draft you statements that will not only assist you in getting past the crisis and start to re-build your reputation, but to refrain from saying anything that could cause more damage.

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