4 Dental Tips to Keep Fake Teeth Stain Resistant

Did you know that non-natural fake teeth are also prone to things such as stains? In fact, in some instances, fake teeth may be more affected by stains as natural teeth would be. If you think that you’re in the clear and you don’t have to worry about these things because they are fake teeth, think again!

Even though you may have fake teeth that are not natural, you still have to take care of it and practice healthy oral care as if it were your own. This way, you won’t stain your fake teeth and can enjoy all the benefits for as long as possible. Here are some tips you need to know to help keep fake teeth stain resistant.

1. Reduce Stain-Causing Foods

As you may now know, certain bad habits, foods and beverages are famous for causing stains. Some are worse than others. In fact, the problem here is that some of the foods we consume are actually very good for us, but they also help to cause stains. Tomato sauce and spinach are a couple of examples.

Even red wine, which is allegedly good for you if you have a glass a day will cause stains. Soda, tea, coffee and smoking are also stain-producing culprits. Over time, stains will build up, but to slow it down, you can try rinsing your mouth regularly or brushing the teeth immediately afterwards.

2. Be Careful With Cleaning Products

When cleaning your teeth, remember that not all products are made equal. Sometimes, even those that are advertised as being good can cause some damage. Even the way you clean it can make a difference. Abrasive toothpastes can be harsh. Things like baking soda can also make the situation worse. Some of these products can make tiny scratches too small to be seen with the naked eye.

This cannot only cause staining but increase the chances of bacteria in these scratches. A non-abrasive product such as a gentle gel will suffice. Also, many people place the toothpaste along the entirety of the brush. This is not necessary. A pea-sized amount is all it takes. Do not be forceful when brushing either.

3. Use Soft Bristles

Some people think that the harder the bristles, the more effective the cleaning will be. This is a myth, in the same way that those who use elbow grease when cleaning their teeth think it will do a better job. An abrasive toothbrush can be bad for the teeth but it can also cause gum recession. Use brushes with softer bristles even if it is an electronic brush. This advice is especially true when you have dental implants and you need to take precaution cleaning them.

4. Use Of Whitening Products

If you find that there are stains, you can consider using whitening products. You can either speak to your dentist or even the dental hygienist for advice on what to get. Don’t do this on your own, but instead, talk to them and get the proper advice that is right for you.

Always have your artificial teeth cleaned regularly. Sometimes, if you go too long, the stains can get pretty bad. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that since it is artificial, they live by another rule. They go through the same things as real teeth, so you can get tartar build-up as well. With regular dental visits and proper care and maintenance, your teeth will remain in good condition.

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