4 Benefits of Getting Mediation During Your Divorce

The process of separation or divorce is not easy. As you prepare to part ways with your partner, you are more than likely experiencing many emotions including stress, loss, anger, disappointment, sadness, and resentment. While hiring a family lawyer and settling a separation or divorce in court in front of a judge is very common, it is recommended that a choice be made where all parties can come to an amicable agreement and at the same time reduce financial burden and stress.

One way to achieve these goals is through mediation. During this process, all important things will be discussed between you and your spouse and a knowledgeable meditator will guide both parties to a reasonable agreement.

Below are the benefits of meditation during a spousal separation. Learn about the different reasons why you should consider this process if you have recently initiated proceedings.

1. Best for your children

There is no doubt that separation is hard for both partners but it can be even worse for your children. They will feel a lot of stress during this period as their parents decide to go their separate ways. They are worried about their future and they are not sure of which parent is going to take care of them.

As their parent, you probably want to remove your children from the separation proceedings as much as possible. If you choose the court option, your children may be subjected to questions that are intrusive and may make them upset and uncomfortable. Mediators are skilled in dealing with children and can interact with them in ways that make them feel comfortable during this difficult time for them.

When you do not have to worry about courts and other related matters, you can spend enough time to think about and tend to your children.

2. Peaceful

Divorce can be heart-breaking for both partners and it is a difficult enough process without being vengeful and mean. You also do not need two attorneys representing each party’s interests arguing on a regular basis.

It is always better to hire a meditator that both you and your spouse approve of instead of hiring two lawyers to fight your battles. The meditation process can usually develop solutions that are beneficial for both of you and your family. This will allow every party involved to effectively heal and move on with their lives as opposed to being part of a litigation process than leaves people angry and resentful of the outcome.

3. More efficient & fast process

Approximately 40 percent of marriages in Canada end up in divorce. With such a disappointing statistic, it is no surprise that courts across the country are busy. As a result, you may find yourself waiting many months or even over one year for your day in court to commence the divorce process.

In contrast, mediation is a more efficient way to complete the separation process. You do not have to wait for a court summons and endure numerous occasions where your case is adjourned with little progress. Instead, you and your spouse can book an appointment with a mediator. These appointments can be booked a lot closer together whereas court dates could be months apart. This will definitely lead to a quicker resolution and courts love to hear cases where matters were settled through mediation.

4. Usually fair & flexible

When taking your divorce matters to court, you are at the mercy of a judge who will decide each and every aspect from alimony payments to child custody and support. You are also at the mercy of the court regarding which dates you are required to attend.

When choosing mediation, you and your spouse are in the driver’s seat. The mediator is able to establish what matters you agree on but can also help talk contentious matters through in a way that usually leads to resolution and satisfaction for both spouses. When you book appointments with the mediator you are also able to choose dates that work for you. This allows you to avoid having to attend court hearings on dates that you need to work or fulfill other personal obligations.


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