3 Benefits of Testing Your Genealogy

Discovering ancestry is becoming a new popular trend that many people are either taking to or are very intrigued by. It has also never been more commonplace than now to have access to a service that can help you map out your entire genealogy. How it works is that you register for an online account and a package through a DNA testing service and then they will send you a DNA-collecting package.

This sample collection kit will arrive within a few days of the purchase. The kit comes with detailed instructions and a mouth swab. You can then collect your DNA by swabbing the inside of your mouth and repackaging the sample in the box before sending it back. The sample will be securely examined in a DNA lab and within six to eight weeks, you should receive an e-mail describing that your results are ready. Then you can log into the account you have created and have access to a complete percentage breakdown of your genealogy. Here, you can discover your entire ancestry and genetic makeup.

Why would you want to go through this process? Here are a few benefits to having your DNA tested for genealogical purposes:

1. You will have a better understanding of your family history

Most of our understanding of our family’s history comes from what our parents tell us. Unfortunately, relying on family member testimony alone can be unreliable or biased. That is where the genealogy DNA test comes in, filling in those gaps that you may have missed when listening to your grandfather recount family history lessons or by combing through what little family records you have lying around in the house. Let science sate your curiosity by giving you a full genetic breakdown of who you are.

2. Finding distant relatives

You may have come across these feel good stories of people finding their long-lost relatives over social media or through the miracles of genetic testing. There may be a few family members out there that you may not know about. It all starts with understanding what your genetics are, what region your family came from, and then finding out what similar relatives came from that region through emigration or immigration records. What you find may surprise you!

3. It has never been more easy and more affordable

People have been interested in finding out their genetic makeup whether it was to have something interesting to bring up at their next dinner party, to have a better sense of themselves, or to branch out this knowledge and get an education on their place in anthropological history. About ten years ago, getting a DNA test was an exhaustive process that had you physically approaching a DNA lab and paying out up to thousands of dollars to gain access to your results. It is also not invasive at all, where some tests back in the day may have required a blood or hair sample, DNA tests nowadays only require a saliva sample. Now, the whole process can be done from the comfort of your own home and for a very affordable rate.

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