14 Best Gourmet Vegetarian Entrees and Appetizers

A vegan or vegetarian entrée prepared gourmet-style doesn’t have to be complicated to prepare nor complex on the tongue. Whether you are engaged in private dining with some vegetarian friends or a romantic meal between two love-birds, there’s always something on the gourmet vegetarian entrée list to catch the eye.

1. Tofu gnocchi

Traditional gnocchi, as any gourmet chef will tell you, is made with potatoes. It’s usually pretty starchy but this vegetarian-ized tofu gnocchi is protein-packed. This is an excellent gourmet vegetarian entrée on which you can toss almost any sauce. Vegetarian pistou sauce, mushroom cream sauce, or vegan artichoke and walnut pesto works deliciously with this tofu gnocchi.

2. Tabbouleh with edamame and feta

Gourmet-style vegetarian tabbouleh salad is a filling summer meal packed with protein and prepared chilled. This tabbouleh salad is a unique mix of prepared pesto, fresh lemon juice, chopped cherry tomatoes, crumbed feta cheese, drained chickpeas, sliced green onions, minced parsley, freshly ground black pepper, and shelled edamame.

3. Avocado caprese salad

The classic vegetarian avocado caprese salad, with some avocado thrown in, is an excellent gourmet vegetarian entrée perfect for mid-summer heat. Garden-ripe tomatoes provide a bedrock of red, alongside fresh basic and some mozza. The vegan version evidently would substitute some vegan mozza. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper alongside some drizzled honey is the perfect way to serve this.

4. Roasted berbere vegetables and chickpeas

Roasts are absolutely delicious and this one – a mix of veggies, chickpeas, and spinach – is absolutely delectable. This North African-inspired vegetarian entrée can be gourmet-ified depending on what spices and herbs you toss in. Turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ground cinnamon, sweet potatoes, cooked chickpeas, cauliflower, crushed garlic cloves, olive oil, and lemon juice is all welcome.

5. Vegan ratatouille

Inspired by the local farmer’s market, vegan ratatouille is a delicious summer gourmet vegetarian entrée mixing in with zucchini, eggplant, and bell pepper. Throw in some garlic, tomatoes and tomato paste, a large carrot, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, and black pepper and salt to taste.

6. Vegan rutabaga laksa

Gourmet-style rutabagas are taking a superfood and bringing it up to the next level in taste. The fibrous root vegetable settled into a spicy and warm noodle soup is perfectly suited for anyone who’s sick. Bring in together some chili powder, ground cumin, fresh cilantro, roughly chopped lemongrass stalks, banana shallots peeled and halved, vegetable stock, coconut milk, rice vermicelli noodles, limes, and at least a couple pounds of rutabaga.

7. Sun-dried tomato risotto

Vegan sun-dried tomato risotto bursts with basil and parsley mixed in with sun-dried tomatoes. Vegan parmesan cheese can be used sparingly to add some dairy to it. Other than that, this gourmet entrée brings together onion, minced garlic, olive oil, and risotto rice of course.

8. Garlic-sesame edamame

Nutrient-rich soybeans are an excellent source of fiber and plant-based protein that’ll ensure vegetarians walk away feeling full. Take your everyday edamame and craft a spicy mix with toasted sesame oil, pressed and minced garlic cloves, and some red pepper flakes.

9. Potato gnocchi in sage butter

Back to the gnocchi, this is the classic potato gnocchi set in sage butter. The dish is very filling for when a vegetarian needs something extra. The herb and butter blend can be tailored to taste. Consider some nutmeg, pasta flour, olive oil, winter greens, vegetarian Italian hard cheese, and some lemon zest.

10. Herbed vegan mushroom pate

A herbed vegan mushroom pate is a great mix with the right drink at a gourmet dinner. A pate like this can be used to spread on toasted slices of baguette or vegan crackers. For this entrée, you’ll bring together finely chopped fresh mushrooms, minced garlic, chopped fresh parsley, rosemary, bread crumbs, and lemon juice. You can’t get better than that.

11. Oven-roasted sunchokes

Sunchokes, also referred to as Jerusalem artichokes, when done vegan and oven-roasted are a great alternative to any potato dish. Sunchokes are a seasonal winter vegetable though and might be tough to find for some. That said, any time between Christmas and early winter, don’t hesitate to bring this out to share with your loved ones.

12. Mushroom risotto with truffle oil

Any gourmet chef can prepare a show-stopping dinner by sticking to a simple vegetarian mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Whole milk, butter, white wine, cheese, and truffle oil makes this an entrée to remember, and can win you big points if you’re preparing it for a romantic dinner alone.

13. Spicy mango ginger soup

Sometimes served in a shot glass as an appetizer or in a bowl as a hearty entrée, spicy mango ginger soup is a raw food recipe that packs itself with flavor. Guests will be delighted with this exotic vegetarian dish, putting together bowls of this. It’s a great dish for a summer night date.

14. Buffalo cucumber boats

Grab a cucumber and give it a slice down the middle. Carving out the insides, you can prepare some gourmet-style boats with blue cheese, hot sauce, green onions, and more. Flavorful, spicy, and jam-packed with potassium, Buffalo cucumber boats might not be enough for hungrier vegetarians but for a light entrée, it’s a nice alternative to fresh fries or a salad.

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