13 Best Foods for Flu Remedy

When you have flu, eating is the last thing you will think of. With reduced appetite, it is important for you to take small amounts of the right foods to provide you with nutrients and energy that will help you recover faster. Below is a list of the best foods for flu remedy that will help you get better soon and faster.

1. Broth

The broth is one of the best foods for flu remedies. If you are concerned about the taste, you can choose to have chicken, beef or vegetable soup and flavour it to your taste. Taking some broth prevents dehydration. The warmth of the broth can soothe a sore throat and relieve congestion. Make sure you take some broth immediately when the flu symptoms begin until you fully recover.

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is definitely one of the best foods to combat the flu. Chicken soup helps clear nasal congestion and thin mucus, enabling you to cough it up. Additionally, it has a mild anti-inflammatory impact that helps to ease cold symptoms. Take carrots, celery and herbs to gain essential nutrients. Taking chicken soup during flu helps keep your body satiated and hydrated.

3. Garlic

Garlic supplements enhance your immunity and reduce the severity of flu symptoms. Take raw garlic as soon as you notice any signs of the flu. It may not taste as good as you would like, but it will surely get the job done.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great food for flu remedy. Taking sugarless yogurt helps soothe a sore throat and boost your immune system. Yogurt provides you with the protein necessary for body repair.

5. Take Fruits with Vitamin C

Take fruits rich in vitamin C to boost your immune system whenever you are unwell. Fruits rich in vitamin C help your body absorb nutrients effectively. Such fruits include citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. While supplements can help, your body absorbs nutrients like vitamin C more effectively from the food you eat.

6. Leafy Greens

In general, vegetables are the best foods to eat during a flu. Leafy greens such as spinach, kales, and others boost your immune system when you have flu. They contain vitamin E and C, which are the nutrients responsible for enhancing your immunity. Combine leafy greens with fruits in a charmer or eat them raw with olive oil and lemon drizzle. Take this food throughout the time of the flu to make a quicker recovery

7. Broccoli

Broccoli provides your body with energy when combatting flu. Taking it throughout the period boosts your immune system since it contains vitamin E, C, fibre, and calcium. It is important to continue taking broccoli soup even after your appetite returns, either at the middle or at the end of the flu. However, before drinking broccoli soup, always check its sodium content.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is highly effective when treating flu. It is nutritious and rich in vitamin E. It is a recommended immunity booster. Oatmeal has polyphenol antioxidants and beta-glucan fibre necessary for strengthening your ability to fight disease.

9. Spices

Just before the flu goes, you are likely to have increased chest congestion and sinuses. Taking spices such as horseradish and pepper is crucial. They help you to break up chest congestion to enhance your breathing. However, avoid taking spicy foods when you have a sore throat as these could make the situation worse.

10. Protein

Your body requires protein to repair and build your body tissues. This is vital when fighting bacterial and viral infections. Food rich in protein includes soy, beans, lean beef, and skinless chicken.

11. Vegetable Juice

Since your appetite is depressed when you are fighting a flu attack, take a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice. It contains antioxidants that boost your body immune system. This bolsters your body’s defence mechanism against germs.

12. Ice Pops

Ice pops soothe your throat when it’s dry, swollen or sore. They keep you adequately hydrated. As a result, you are able to fight flu effectively. Taking enough fluids during the flu span helps you keep the mucus thin and relieves congestion. Make sure the ice pop is made from 100% fruit juice for your body to get the full benefits of essential nutrients.

13. Turkey Sandwich

Turkey sandwich includes protein, which is important for the sustenance of a healthy diet. Although your appetite for food during the flu period will probably be poor, eating a turkey sandwich can greatly aid your fight against the flu. Add cranberry sauce for good flavour and a pleasant taste.

You don’t have to take prescription drugs to recover from flu. As noted above, there are natural alternatives that can treat the flu just as effectively without any side effects. For instance, eating the appropriate foods while combating a flu attack can restore your health faster than you think. The foods listed above are especially potent in fighting the flu. You will, however, need to discipline yourself to embark on a daily routine of consuming foods that will see the flu disappear without taking expensive medication.

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