10 Most Creative Food Packaging Design Ideas

When shopping for groceries, what makes you pick one item over another off the rack? Could it be the brand slogan, name, how the item is portrayed or is it because of how it feels upon touch? The odds are you were first attracted to the food packaging design.

Say you decide to venture into the restaurant business, you would want to see a queue of customers at your restaurant waiting to be served. This will however not happen by just serving good food and serving it right. It often depends on the quality and appearance of your food packaging design.

Here are the ten most creative food packaging design ideas, which you can use as inspiration.

1. Entertainment Factor

An example of this food packaging design idea is the pizza box by Pizza Hut. The people behind the entertainment factor of the box did their research and found out that a great pizza and movie was a match made in heaven. Excited at this finding, they came up with a box that could also function as a projector. Your smartphone and the box were all you needed to turn your living space into a mini theatre.

2. Easy Carrying Packaging

Innovative food packaging design has become very popular with many brands. Using McDonald’s for example, they came up with a burger, fries and drink foldable case. They called this the McBike packaging as most of its consumers are bikers. The case could easily be hooked on to a bike’s handlebars in case you are in a hurry.

3. Edible Items

Eatable items range from plates, forks and even spoons. Basically, all kitchen items could be turned into eatables. For instance, Starbucks came up with items such as sweet straws and crunchy edible coffee cups. Once you are done taking your coffee, go ahead and munch on the cup and the straw; leave no evidence of the food packaging design behind.

4. Splash of Colour

Showing support for social causes brings a lot of mileage to a brand. It earns a brand a warm place in a prospective customer’s heart. A case in point is Burger King, which created a burger called ‘Proud Whopper.’ Although the taste remained the same, the food packaging design featured a rainbow coloured rolling paper with a special message inside.

5. Household Fix

After consumption, most of the time, the function of the food packaging design is lost. Ultimately, it ends up in a trash can for subsequent disposal. To get rid of the garbage pile, the Coke Company came up with an array of bottle caps with different functions, ranging from water sprayers to engine oil storage.

6. Get Fancy

A fancy food packaging design makes a luxurious looking menu. In 2013, McDonald’s rolled out fancy burgers, each costing roughly ten dollars. The burgers were made with ingredients like avocados, pineapple, chorizo and black truffle sauce, which were considered high-end. The burgers were packaged in a sleek white box with a small golden M embellishment. It was easy for customers to forget they were sitting in plastic booths.

7. Eat in Secrecy

When you are at your favourite restaurant having your best dish, you want to be able to enjoy a meal without feeling like people are watching you. A Japanese burger chain came up with an innovative idea to make this innovative food packaging design a reality.

They introduced napkins, which were printed with different types of a woman’s lower face. Customers used this to hide their faces as the napkin gave the illusion that they were not opening their mouths at all. The napkins helped the burger chain record a 200 percent increase in sales.

8. One Hand Advantage

Carrying oranges in a shopping bag can be annoying, especially if the bag falls and the oranges are strewn all over the place. VitaPack saw this problem as an opportunity and came up with a convenient food packaging design for carrying a kilo of oranges in one hand. Thanks to this round cut paper, it was easy to carry the fruits along with other bags.

9. Additional Benefits

Who does not like a little extra benefits to go along with their food packaging design? What about a little extra sugar for the coffee or some extra sauce with the fries. An appropriate design in such a case will help you grab customers’ attention and stamp your identity by drawing attention to a special offer. Double U Coffee, for example, offers two times more of every add-on. You get double of any extra order you make.

10. Sensing Mechanism

Typically, restaurants serve their food and beverages hot. You may decide to dig in immediately, oblivious of the fact that the food is hot, and get burnt. In other cases, you might opt to wait for the food to cool off and end up with completely cold food. Dunkin Donuts came up with a concept for their coffee cups, which alerted the drinker when their coffee was too hot. When too hot, the cups were bright in colour and white when they were at just the right temperature for safe drinking.

It is only by experimenting that you are likely to stumble upon a great packaging design. So, do not shy away from design ideas that seem crazy at a particular moment. You never know, your ‘crazy’ design idea might become the new fad in the town.

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