10 Common Foods That Cause Acne

Put down that can of soda! Don’t you dare touch that Big Mac! What, you’re having a glass of chocolate milk? Don’t you know these are all things that will only exacerbate your acne? That’s right, your face is in peril of a cosmetic disaster. If you think it’s just fried foods that are making those pimples appear on your face, then think again. There’s a whole lot of food and beverages worsening your acne, from the white bread to the skim milk.

Here are 10 common foods that cause acne:

1. Does soda cause acne?

Yes, drinking soda does cause acne. Unfortunately, we tend to consume more soda than any other type of beverage, which also includes water. That said, soda is also one of the worst drinks to consume for your overall health, particularly for acne. Because your standard Coca-Cola or Pepsi is full of fructose and lacks any nutrients, insulin levels spike and you’re hungrier when you drink a soda, causing you to reach for that extra slice of pizza.

2. Does pizza cause acne?

Speaking of pizza, do you know how horrible pizza can be for your acne? We’re sorry to say that eating pizza does cause acne to a certain extent. Let’s just say that you should limit your pizza orders to just the Super Bowl, WrestleMania, the MLB All-Star Game, and perhaps Canada Day. But why? Well, it’s pretty much everything we have discussed so far: pizza is loaded with carbohydrates, topped with dairy, and contain very little or no nutrients at all.

3. Do energy drinks cause acne?

Energy drinks will cause acne. If you thought six cans of Sprite were horrendous for your skin and your health, then just imagine what energy drinks will do to you. Energy drinks that are filled to the rim with B vitamins and sugar will impact those who have a long history of acne. Simply put, your can of Red Bull is going to create a lot of inflammation in your insides.

4. Can fast food cause acne?

Eating fast food can cause acne. It’s probably common sense by now, but fast food is one of those things that need to be reined in. While you might believe that it’s because the burgers are drenched in oil and the fries are cooked in oil, there’s a lot more to the problems of fast food than you can imagine.

So, you’re contend with:

  • Inflammation
  • Zero beneficial nutrients
  • Fatty acids
  • Sugar
  • Iodine

If you’re someone who cannot kick this habit, then you can always opt for a fish sandwich because they packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Does cereal (and other refined carbohydrates) cause acne?

Cereals does cause acne. Any foods with carbohydrates are prime culprits that cause acne. Every day, we consume a lot of refined carbohydrates, but what exactly are they? Refined carbs are grain products that have been processed so much by food manufacturers that the whole grain is pretty much non-existence because the refining removes vitamins, minerals and fiber.

What are some common refined carbs? Well, for one, anything produced with white flour. Overall, here are some you should consider:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • White rice
  • Cereal
  • Desserts

These are delicious and popular, but they are impossible to avoid. Who will survive?

6. What dairy foods cause acne?

Many of us do not realize how horrible dairy is for our health, particularly when it comes to dairy foods that cause acne. While some dairy products are worse than others, overall dairy is just plain bad. Moreover, depending on your age, milk can cause you to break out immensely. But why is it so bad? Well, in addition to the issues of mass production that fill milk up with growth hormones, milk is known to enhance insulin levels and cow’s milk consists of amino acids.

To be more specific, you are better off avoiding these two main types of dairy: skim milk (including chocolate milk) and ice cream.

7. Does alcohol cause acne?

Like soda, we probably drink more alcohol than water. And that certainly isn’t a good thing.

In addition to alcohol being an incredible inflammation trigger, there is a connection to poor zinc absorption and can even lead to a problematic zinc deficiency. This is important because zinc is important to combat acne.

8. Does seaweed cause acne?

Who doesn’t love sushi? The yam-avocado rolls, the dynamite rolls, the volcano rolls – they’re just too good to not consume. That said, eating seaweed provides its pros and cons.

Seaweed is great for iodine, which allows your thyroid to function correctly. However, if you eat too much iodine – and as we have shown it’s impossible to eat just one sushi roll! – then it can cause you to break out. It makes things worse if you also consume fish, dairy, and iodized salt – all contain large volumes of salt.

9. Do Omega-6 fats cause acne?

Let’s be honest: the average Western diet contains vast sums of omega-6 fatty acids. Because we imbibe a lot of cake, tofu, chips, cured meats, and creamy soups, we have been shown to have high levels of inflammation, which spurs acne. While food experts say additional research is needed, it is better to avoid these food items for now.

10. Does eating meat cause acne?

Eating too much meat may cause acne. Yes, it can be hard to give up on that extra hamburger or hot dog, especially when you’re out in the middle of summer and having a good time. That said, eating just one more chicken burger or Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich can be horrible for your digestion, producing problems for your acne. That said, you can always supplement your meat eating with a plant-based diet (welcome Meatless Mondays).

By now, you’re probably asking: What’s left to eat? Well, you can always eat some kale and wash it down with a glass of lemon seltzer. In all seriousness, though, there are still plenty of other foods you can chew on that will not cause you to break out. Or, if you eat the aforementioned in moderation, then you wouldn’t need to worry yourself about if that one extra fry will produce large red pimples. Perhaps this is your opportunity to finally maintain a well-balanced beauty regime and healthy diet.

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