Top 7 Knives That We Use in Kitchens

When you’re working in a busy commercial kitchen, you need the proper kitchen equipment to do a professional job. The knife is a staple in any kitchen and depending on how big and busy the business is, you’re likely to use several different knives for various tasks. Knives have to be in excellent condition so that it can perform to the best of its ability. Only use a knife for what it’s intended to be used for and not for anything else.

Here are the different kinds of knives used in a kitchen.

1. The Chef’s Knife

Whatever you do, never take a chef’s knife! They’re very protective over it. It’s likely the most used knife in the kitchen. The chef mainly uses it for cutting, slicing, carving and crushing. They tend to have a long curved edge and a broad blade. There are different sizes but generally, they are almost a foot long.

2. The Cleaver

This is a large knife that looks like a rectangular-bladed hatchet. It’s not often used by chef’s. They can be used for crushing garlic during food preparation. They are mainly used for hacking through bone. It’s more associated with a butcher.

3. The Boning Knife

This knife has a skinny pointed blade which has to be really sharp, especially the tip. When boning beef and pork, it’s best to use a stiff boning knife. When boning fish and poultry, it’s better to use a flexible boning knife.

4. The Paring Knife

This small knife has several uses. It can be used for cutting, peeling, trimming and even artistic tasks. It can be used for fruit and vegetable carving as well. If any knife can be lost or accidentally thrown away, it’s this, so be careful! Being small, it’s easily manoeuvrable with a slightly curved blade. It’s also a handy knife for testing the tenderness of meat and vegetables.

5. Filleting Knife

This knife has a razor-sharp blade that’s also flexible. If you’re working frequently with fish, this is the knife you’d turn to. It’s loved by fisherman all over the world.

6. Decorating Knife

This knife is the go-to knife for adding something fancy to a cake and also decorative garnishes. It allows the user to make intricate cuts and patterns on butter, chocolate and other food items. You can also use it on vegetables to give it a fancy touch, especially when making a platter for catering that’s bound to impress.

7. Serrated Knife

This knife resembles a bread knife but it’s smaller and a lot sharper. It’s sometimes known as a tomato or sandwich knife. Fruit and vegetables can be cut cleanly with no tearing. It can also be used in smaller slicing tasks such as cutting bagels or sandwiches.

When ordering knives, make sure to get it from a company that offers a sharpening service as well. With professional maintenance, these knives will help you do the best job every single time.

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