About Me

Hello, I'm Ashley, some of you might know me as Bee, since I used that pseudonym for a while. I'm a 26-year-old college graduate who left the city to live at home in the country and get a leg up on my massive student loans. I did that for about three years, then up and moved across the country--from Massachusetts to Texas--for no reason other than Austin is the coolest city in a warm climate that I could think of!

I live with my fiancé, Cory, our amazing dog, Lily, and my fluffy tail-less cat, Finn. I cook as much as I can for my little family on my very limited budget. The results are what you see here!

I discovered my love of cooking while in college. I was a vegetarian at the time, living off-campus, so I ended up having to cook for myself a lot, as there weren't many options for eating out. Eventually, I stopped being a vegetarian (though I try to eat as ethically as my budget allows and go organic when I can) and expanded my culinary knowledge to cooking meats. As I cooked more and more and devoured countless cook books, I was better able to appreciate good food on the occasions where I get to go out. To read about my culinary journey, follow this link!

You have no idea how excited I was for this Creme Brulee
On the Champs Elysee in Paris!

I love travel. This passion was really jump-started when I spent a semester of college living in The Netherlands, in a castle with about 80 other students an hour outside of Amsterdam. The school gave us long weekends and a rail pass, so I really got to see a lot of fun and exciting places. I hope to go back to each of them in my lifetime for a longer period of time. I loved that experience and now try to see at least two new places a year. I'm pretty good at traveling on a budget, and have been lucky to see all of the fun and exciting places that I've been able to experience! I feel like the world is just so big, and it's a shame to confine yourself to just a tiny piece of it. I hope I get to live in many different places, I don't like staying still for too long.

Making Quiona

In addition to cooking and travel I also enjoy music, both listening and performing it, acting, design, art, shopping (horrible addiction), and being in the sun. Summer makes me very very happy :)

Meyer Lemon Tart

My absolute favorite foods are tacos and sushi, and I hope to someday be brave enough to try making my own sushi!

Want to know more? Why not check out my twitter, my Facebook, my other blog, or this AWESOME INTERVIEW that Musings on Life After College did on me :)