Four Things to Think About When Planning Your Catering Menu

Whether you are planning an elegant dinner party at home, a wedding reception or something else, your guests may expect you to serve delicious food and to supply ample drinks. It may not be reasonable to prepare all of the food on your own, and you also may not want to worry about serving the food when you should be entertaining your guests. Catering is the perfect option, but you need to plan your catered meals carefully. These are the top factors to consider when you are preparing to hire a caterer for your event.

1. Your Budget

When you are planning an event, your budget for food and drinks may already be set before you reach out to a caterer. However, you may need to adjust your budget slightly if it was not realistic based on average rates for the services that you need. Gathering several quotes will give you a reasonable idea about how realistic your budget is. Remember that your menu selection can also play a major role in the cost of your catering bill.

2. The Time of Day

The time of day can dictate the type of food that your guests may expect. For example, if your event is held around lunch or dinner time, a full meal is usually expected. Your guests may be hungry, disappointed and grumpy if you fail to give a full meal during these times. You may be able to serve lighter meals or smaller portions for lunch than for dinner. If you serve a large meal outside of normal dining hours, your guests may not be hungry.

3. The Type of Event

There is a major difference in meal expectations between an event that is hosted in someone’s backyard and an event that is hosted at a swanky hotel in the downtown area. Typically, the event location as well as the overall theme of the event will dictate the types of food and drinks that are most suitable for the event.

4. Special Needs

Many people hosting a special event are aware of guests who may have special dietary needs. These individuals usually understand that such events may not always serve the types of food that they can eat, and some may even bring their own food with them. However, if multiple people have similar dietary needs, it is courteous to have an alternate meal option available.

Catering Hamilton makes it easy to plan for meals and beverages served at your event. The caterer may provide all foods and drinks, place settings, serving staff and more. When hiring a caterer, inquire about menu options as well as services that may be available through each caterer who you contact for a quote.

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