Four Reasons to Consider Catering for a Graduation Party

Holding a graduation party for a kindergarten, high school, college or vocational graduate is a fun way to celebrate the occasion. Food is an important part of every celebration, and for a casual event like this, catering from a deli is a wise choice. Consider these four reasons to have the food for a graduation party catered.

1. Offer a Variety of Options

When a party’s food is catered by a deli, you can have a bigger variety of options to serve to your guests. For example, if some of your guests have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, you can inform the caterers and ask them to offer some gluten-free wraps, salads or other foods that your guests can enjoy. Likewise, if some of the attendees at your party are vegetarian or vegan, you could ask the caterers to serve mayonnaise, cheese and hard-boiled eggs separately so that your guests can stick with their dietary preferences.

2. Give Yourself Time to Relax

Trying to prepare all of the food for a graduation party on your own could be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, chose caterers from a deli that you and the graduate both like. This way, you can relax during the party and leave all of the setup to the experienced catering Hamilton staff who already knows what to do and how to do it. You will also save money on supplies such as party trays and serving utensils, because the caterers will provide those items for the party.

3. Treat Guests to Gourmet Flavors

With a deli making the food for your graduation party, you could offer gourmet flavors to your guests. Along with the tried-and-true combinations such as ham and Swiss cheese or roast beef and cheddar, you could offer some other options, such as Gruyere with roasted turkey or Camembert with fruit preserves. This allows you to expand the flavor options. Your guests can try a bite-sized sandwich or a small portion and enjoy the flavorful experience.

4. Focus on Other Details for the Celebration

When a catering service is making, delivering, setting up and taking down the spread at your graduation party, you can focus on the other details for the celebration. If decorating is your thing, then you could use your time making an ornate photo display or putting together an autograph album for the guests to enjoy. If you are more of an entertainment person, you could use your time setting up some fun activities and games for the guests to do. You will enjoy the event more when you can spend your time having fun.

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