6 Reasons Your Home Needs a Driveway Alarm

Making sure that your family is safe in your home is a top priority for many homeowners. There are a great many ways to ensure that you have done everything that you can to secure your home. You could upgrade the locks on the windows and doors and take advantage of smart home alarm systems.

A lot of homeowners will often overlook, or not be aware that driveway alarms can function as the first line of defence and deter a burglar before they even get close to your front door. Keep reading to learn about the great many benefits of having a driveway alarm installed.

1. A driveway alarm is a powerful deterrent

If you have a driveway sensor installed that will do something as simple as turning on a light, this indicates to a potential thief that you take your home security seriously and that you probably have more advanced alarm systems in and around the entry points to your home. This in of itself can be enough to make the burglar move on.

There are more advanced driveway alarm and sensor models that include cameras so as the burglar has not had the chance to assess the level of security that you have they will steer well clear of being caught on camera.

2. Your whole family will feel safer

Peace of mind can be hard to come by in the outside world, but at home you can find ways to get there. A driveway alarm can give you the confidence that no one is approaching your home that you don’t want there. If the alarm is triggered, then you have more warning that an alarm system that is only triggered when someone is already in your home. This can often give you the time you need to call the police.

3. You can access the driveway alarm system remotely

You are able to keep an eye on your property even when you’re not home. You can set up the driveway alarm to notify you on your smartphone of when the sensor picks up any movement. You will also be able to watch the cameras remotely too. If you see something that you find alarming, then you can call the authorities from wherever you are. This can help to prevent you from stumbling across a burglar who is inside your home when you return from work which can be very dangerous.

4. Save money on home insurance

You should contact your home insurance company to ask them about the potential savings that could be achieved by upgrading your alarm system. You may find out that the installation will pay for itself in no time. There are many ways to upgrade your home security so finding out about the potential savings can be very good for you in the long term.

5. Protect what is in your driveway

If you have a car, boat or RV parked in your driveway you will be alerted to the presence of someone who is on your driveway even if they are able to bypass the car alarms. This can save you from having your possessions stolen.

6. Know who is on your property at all times

When it is dark outside you may not be able to see who may be lurking behind your car or hiding elsewhere. With a driveway alarm system installed you will be able to spot any potential threats before you even open your front door. This can give you the confidence to take the garbage out at any time of night.

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