6 Foods You Should NEVER Give Your Dog

If you’ve just bought a Portuguese water dog puppy, or indeed any puppy or dog, you should be aware that there are certain human foods that you should never give your dog. Some foods not only have an adverse effect on them, there is also a strong possibility that your puppy or dog could die. Nobody wants this, of course, but innocent mistakes can prove costly in more ways than one. Apart from intentionally giving these foods to them, you also need to be aware of what these foods are, since it could fall from your kitchen counter.

Puppies and dogs need only a second and they will swoop in and gobble it up and you’ll have no idea. Here are some foods that you need to be careful with so that your puppy or dog will stay safe and healthy. Remember, do not give in to their big, sad eyes. Doggies are very sneaky!

1. Nuts

Macadamia and walnuts can be toxic to them. It can cause vomiting, paralysis (macadamia) and even death. The best thing is not to give them any nuts, including peanuts. Peanuts are actually not that harmful when compared to these other nuts. Many of you may also give peanut butter as a treat. While this may not cause them to get sick (as with other nuts), it can have long-term effects. Peanuts have high fat content, so it can cause pancreatitis (more so for females).

2. Beer & Alcohol

While it can seem cute and funny, especially in a group of people, to pour some beer on the floor and watch a dog lick it up and have a funny look on their face, alcohol should never be given to a dog. If you spill some, wipe it up immediately. It can cause vomiting, acidity in blood, depression of the central nervous system and other problems.

3. Chocolate

Everybody knows chocolates are to die for. Well, a dog can potentially die from ingesting chocolate. Darker chocolate is even more dangerous, as it contains about ten times the amount of theobromine than in milk chocolate. Dogs can die from theobromine poisoning if not given immediate treatment. Theobromine can cause a dog’s heart to beat very rapidly and a dog could die when it’s playing or exercising vigorously.

4. Avocado

Avocado contains a fungicidal toxin called persin. While this is harmless to humans, it can be dangerous for domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. It can damage tissues in major organs such as the heart and lungs.

5. Raisins & Grapes

One would assume that there’s no harm in fruits. Both of these can cause kidney failure in puppies or dogs. In fact, it is possible that even a single serving of raisins is enough to cause death. Someone who has no idea may give these as treats and the toxins will build up and eventually kill their puppy or dog.

6. Onions & Garlic

These two culprits can cause damage to red blood cells and cause anaemia, in addition to gastrointestinal irritation. The effects will build over time. Ingesting a piece of onion can cause your dog to vomit or become ill, so be careful when chopping onions and garlic, as a few pieces can so easily spill onto the floor.

There are other things that a puppy or dog can ingest that can cause it to get ill, such as coffee and the sweetener called xylitol which can be found in some candy and gum. The best thing to do is always try to be mindful with our Portuguese water puppies and other pooch buddies so they don’t get ill and live long healthy lives.


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