5 Steps to Make Your Catering Event Memorable

The catering industry has grown a lot in recent years. With the proliferation of food trends, special diets, and fusion cuisine, people have come to expect a lot more from their catering services. Luckily, the industry has responded and in today’s competitive catering market, you can find quality and variety for a decent price.

1. Budget and availability

When choosing a caterer, take care of the housekeeping tasks first.  You need to be sure they are available on the day you need them and have a booking and payment system that you are comfortable with. Make sure they are able to provide assurance that your date is secured and that there is no ambiguity about when the payment is due or the possibility of extra charges accumulating at the last minute. Nothing can ruin an event like the unpleasant shock of seeing an inflated bill just before things are getting started.

2. Food quality 

As stated, with a growing roster of demands, you can now find pretty much anything your heart desires on a catering menu. That being said, as appealing as it might be to fuel your event with a rolling list of luxury foods, you have to remember that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It is better to spend the money providing quality dishes, rather than serving poorly executed fine dining classics which will come off as tacky and, frankly, unappetizing.

3. Don’t be fooled by presentation

No one is going to be fooled by food that doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Excellent presentation and taste need to go hand in hand. Don’t omit asking for a portfolio of the catering Hamilton company’s work that has pictures of their food.

Preferably, your caterer should have commercial facilities and skilled personnel to serve your guests on the day of the event. It is also a good idea to talk to your caterer about their ethics and sustainability practices. It will tell you a lot about how their approach what they’re doing, how seriously they take customer preferences, as well as the quality of the produce they use. Finding out about how they source products and whether or not seasonal availability factors into this is important, it will have a significant impact the taste and quality of your meal.

4. Consider a tasting session 

Depending on the nature and size of the event you’re having catered, you might want to consider finding a company that offers a tasting before you make a commitment to use their services. This will help you understand whether the style, quality & presentation of their offerings are what you had in mind. You might also discover something new that they prepare which you might not otherwise have thought to try. It will also help you decide which dishes you want added to the menus that they already serve

5. Expect custom services 

On top of covering these basics, you also want to make sure that the caterer is sensitive to your individual needs as is able to make adjustments according to your vision and ideas. There should be an element of collaboration and consultation, they should use their knowledge and experience and be able to build on your ideas in order that your event turns out the way you want it to. Just as you want the quality and the display to be excellent, the caterer should also be focused on customer service. Working with a caterer you get along with, and knowing they understand and appreciate your vision, will decrease stress and contribute to an event that everyone will enjoy.

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