4 Ways to Improve Your Workflow

Collecting data is an important step in a variety of off-site work. Property assessment, delivery and repair services commonly collect and compile data in the form of paperwork as their workday carries on. Physical documents, however, aren’t always reliable for fieldwork, with outdoor elements coming into play, as well as the requirement of carrying around the correct forms to each location. Although necessary, filling out each form can be time-consuming for both customers and employees.

An increasingly popular and reliable replacement for paperwork comes in the form of digital forms. By converting each form to a digital form, it becomes possible to fill out details quickly and more accurately than with the paper counterpart. The advent of smart-devices has allowed digital forms to be used for off-site work, allowing employees to capitalize on their noticeable benefits.

1. Mobile forms applications are easily adopted

A common concern when adopting any new technology is the setup time upon taking it on. A mobile form application is functional as soon as it’s installed, with minimal setup required in order to get it operational. Organizations can easily customize forms to fit any needs they may have, without the assistance of a dedicated developer.

With digital forms, it’s easy to ensure the correct documentation is getting to the correct employees. Mobile form software allows management to limit certain forms to specific users or groups, a helpful feature when managing confidential data. Limiting access to specific documents provides a helpful layer of security, and automatically storing completed forms digitally means that collected data is secure, requiring login information to access it.

2. Increased workforce efficiency

One of the key benefits of utilizing digital forms via smart devices is that employees are more likely to have their documentation available at any time. Immediate availability and the ease of use the medium provides significantly improves the efficiency of many employees in the field.

Mobile forms help to improve interactions with customers by reducing the required time for each business interaction. Customers can write their signature through a smart device touch-screen interface, or quickly and accurately tap through a list of questions. Workers in the field can collect detailed data immediately as it becomes available, which ensures accuracy without sacrificing significant time.

While a network is required to upload completed forms, if a network isn’t available, workers can still complete and submit their forms as required, and the software will automatically send the forms to the correct location as soon as a network becomes available.

3. Increased time and speed

Another considerable benefit afforded to mobile form users is the speed in which they can be completed. Writing out detailed notes can be time-consuming, but typing them out speeds up the process significantly without compromising the accuracy of the data. Reducing an employees time spent filling out paperwork allows them to complete more tasks, interact with more clients in a day, and ultimately improves productiveness.

4. Completed forms are instantly available to management

As forms are submitted, they’re instantly delivered to management or supervisory staff, provided a network is available. Employees no longer need to be concerned about dropping off completed paperwork at the end of the working day. Supervisors can better direct work efforts as information continues to roll in, reducing the time necessary to complete tasks.

Good documentation is an important part of a business, and software guarantees that completed forms are reliably and consistently delivered and stored. Companies no longer have to worry about losing documents, as they’re easily recalled at the touch of a button.

A business adopting mobile forms is ultimately providing its workforce with a powerful tool which assists and even improves good documentation practice, while simultaneously making the collection of accurate data a noticeably easier task.

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