4 Times You’ll Need to Hire an Employment Lawyer

Are you unsure if what you are experiencing in the workplace is normal? Do you feel nervous about calling an employment lawyer simply because of the expense? Companies as well as employees should be aware about when to call a labour or employment lawyer. These examples are common reasons that an employment lawyer is called and should be:

1. When you trust your gut

Usually if your gut is telling you something isn’t right in the workplace, it probably isn’t. Do not mistrust an upset stomach, so to speak. If you don’t feel right about a situation and especially if you haven’t for a long time, do not hesitate to contact an employment lawyer. You should not feel constantly uncomfortable or upset in your place of work. Address the issues you see happening head on. An employment lawyer will be able to help with things you cannot do yourself.

2. When investigations or audits need to be conducted

Many employment lawyers are trained to help employees look at the underbelly of the company in order to determine whether or not someone is in the wrong. Of course, this also works from the company executive standpoint. An employment lawyer can help protect you and your company’s reputation at the employer-level through a fairly conducted investigation or audit. It’s a two-way street when it comes to fair treatment from the company to the employee and from the employee to the company.

3. When your company is about to try something “new”

Perhaps you’re implementing a new methodology of doing things as a company executive, or are initiating a new software program. Why should an employment lawyer be called in this case?

An employment lawyer will help analyze your proposal and warn you of any potential issues they see with it. They are trained to do these things and will be able to easily identify more than you and your employer what could be potentially problematic. Avoid problems from the get go. Preparation is key. Employment lawyers will know what to do.

4. When someone is being harassed or bullied

Workplace harassment should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, it is all too common for employment lawyers to deal with clients identify harassment in the workplace, whether boss on employee, employee on employee or every employee on boss. Harassment and bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated and it does not have to be. An employment lawyer will help you approach the situation in the best way possible. Especially if your situation has progressed to a point where you see no end or it has worsened to severe discomfort, you need external help.

If management or co-workers are unable or refuse to help you, this is especially truthful. Be mindful of the way you and your colleagues are being treated in your place of work. How people treat each other in the workplace is a reflection of the business at the heart of it all, and we want you to work in a place you feel good being in.

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