4 Security Tips to Protect Your Property

Even if you live in a good neighborhood, security is a worthwhile investment. Having the right security setup can prevent robberies from occurring in the first place and ensure you get the most out of your insurance in case something does happen. Check out the following four suggestions to upgrade the security on your premises.

1. Invest In Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting is an excellent deterrent. Not only does lighting increase your chance of having a witness see the burglar, but it also helps them appear clearly on your surveillance footage. Your security lights should illuminate your property when activated.

At a minimum, you need security lights on the main entrances to your home. If you can afford it, you should get lighting that can illuminate potential hiding places around your entire property. Your lights should be motion activated and as bright as possible.

Your interior lights can also play a role in deterring criminals. If you’re going away, you should have a neighbor or family member occasional turn on the lights and TV to make your home appear active. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your lights on all the time since this is a clear indication that no one is around.

2. Protect Your Windows

Windows are often an overlooked part security. Securing your windows make forced entry break-ins much less likely on your property.

The first step with your windows is to fit them with a mechanism that prevents your windows from being opened from the outside. Without these locks, your window can simply be smashed and opened. Having locks on your windows is an excellent deterrent since breaking the lock and window is much more effort than it’s worth.

Another way to protect your windows is to add grills/bars on ground level windows. Even if your window is broken, the criminals will have to somehow make it past the steel bars. Steel bars in combination with proper lighting and an alarm system make your windows less likely to be taken advantage of.

3. Maintain Your Video Surveillance System

Having a video surveillance system is a must in today’s society. Advancements in technology have made buying and installing a video surveillance system an easy and inexpensive task. Video surveillance systems are worth their weight in gold anytime something happens on your property.

After investing in your video surveillance system, you’ll need to make sure you maintain your investment. Animals and weather can be responsible for displacing or breaking your cameras. Make sure you regularly check on their positioning to ensure everything is working.

Another important area for maintenance is your physical recording device. Hard drives and DVR’s are notorious for collecting dust, which can affect their performance. Compressed air or a microfiber cloth can help you remove dust build-up. Don’t forget to take note of your storage space and make sure you have enough room for new recordings.

4. Upgrade Your Locks

Having just any lock on your door isn’t good enough anymore. With problems such as lock bumping and ease of access to certain tools, simple locks are no longer able to deter criminals.

Investing in a quality lock makes your property near impossible to invade. Locks with an ANSI Grade 1 rating are used in high-security situations and are next to impossible for a regular criminal to bypass. Grade 1 deadbolt locks are among the highest quality you can buy for your property.

Another way to upgrade your locks is to consider a mechanical deadbolt or electronic entry. Both options require a unique code to allow entry. These systems eliminate the need for keys and make breaking-in even harder for criminals.

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