4 Benefits of Getting Your Mole Removed

Moles are a common skin condition and in many instances, they are harmless and unnoticed. Some people view a mole on their skin as a badge of uniqueness and have no problem having it. Sometimes moles are very small and it is not necessary to have them removed.

However, when a mole becomes big or when you develop several moles on your skin, it becomes necessary to have them removed by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Some people choose to have a mole removed from their skin for cosmetic reasons while others do it to avoid developing skin complications in the future. For those with moles on their skin, here are reasons to consider mole removal.

1. To avoid developing melanoma

Although moles are normally harmless, sometimes they can grow and change in colour and shape. This increases the likelihood of developing a rare type of skin cancer known as melanoma. It is therefore wise to have a mole removed before it becomes problematic and threatens your health.

For instance, if you come from a family with a history of melanoma, it is wise to have your moles removed to avoid the risk of them developing into skin cancer or another serious skin condition. It is good to consult a dermatologist to be advised of the appropriate procedure to remove the mole or moles if you have several on your skin.

The removal procedure normally depends on the possibility of developing a scar and where the mole is situated. Some moles can be removed through home remedies while others have to be removed surgically by a medical expert.

2. For cosmetic reasons 

Some people see a mole on their skin as unimportant and unworthy of attention as long as it does not hurt. Others are very concerned about the appearance of their skin and they feel that any abnormality has to be treated accordingly.

A majority of those who remove moles for cosmetic reasons are those with moles on the face, neck, and other parts of the body that cannot be covered by clothes. Some people remove moles from their skin because the presence of them lowers their self-esteem and confidence.

If you feel that a mole has a negative effect on how people see you, you can have it removed and improve the look of your skin rather than spending your life feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

3. If the mole is highly visible

Moles can develop on any part of the body and sometimes several moles can develop in one small area. When a mole is small and unnoticeable, there is no need to have it removed especially if it can be easily covered by clothes.

Sometimes, a mole or several moles can develop on highly visible parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, neck, face and hands. This makes some people uncomfortable because other people stare at you and ask you questions about the mole.

If you have a mole on a highly visible part of the body and you feel uncomfortable or unattractive, then the best thing is to have it removed. Doing so will boost your self-esteem and make you more comfortable with who you are.

4. If the mole makes you uncomfortable

Sometimes a mole may become bigger and cause discomfort and even pain when it comes in contact with clothes. This is common when you have a raised mole on a body part because you become more aware of its presence.

Similarly, a mole or several moles may grow on the beard area, cheeks, armpits and pubic area and make shaving these areas extremely difficult. Sometimes the mole is scratched when shaving these areas resulting in severe irritation and pain. If you have a mole or several moles in areas where it causes you pain and irritation, then it is wise to get rid of it to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

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