3 Reasons Why Wooden Wine Boxes Are the Best Gifts

Wooden wine boxes are a great way to give a gift to friends and family. They are a safe and secure way to ship a present that almost anyone would enjoy. The wooden exterior keeps the precious wine bottle safely stored until they reach their destination. They can also be the perfect gift for corporate clients or customers. The wooden wine boxes can be personally engraved or branded with laser engraving, branding or foiling technology.

Wooden wine box manufacturers are committed to creating a product that just doesn’t look good, but is good for the environment as well. The basic product is made from a renewable resource and they are working to make sure that all of their processes create as small as possible a carbon footprint on our precious planet.

1. Types of wooden wine boxes

Wooden wine boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include a single cylinder for one bottle, boxes with sliding lids for one or multiple bottles of wine, hinged lid boxes and the popular chest wooden wine box that can hold as many bottles of wine as you want to gift or send. Wooden wine boxes can be made from almost any type of wood or wood veneer. Some of the most popular are red pine, birch ply and flex veneer. But you can also find them in red oak, cherry or a beautiful black walnut.

2. Ethically and environmentally sourced

Wooden wine box manufacturers are becoming expert in the use of as limited as possible amounts of water and other resources in their production process. Many are now utilizing special software to help them reduce waste products from their processes as well. They are also finding ways to minimize the use of energy to create their wooden wine boxes and some are looking at ways to make additional fuel products from the fine dust and wood shavings that are part of creating their wooden wine boxes.

Whatever your choice of wood material you end up using for your wooden wine boxes, you can be assured that the products are good for the environment as well as to hold your special wine gift to family, friends and customers. Almost all wooden wine box suppliers source their products from producers who adhere to sustainable forestry practices. They actively look for companies that practice reforestation, silvaculture, selective cutting and have certification to prove that their businesses are as environmentally safe as possible.

3. Finished with love and care

One of the things that everybody loves about wooden wine boxes is that after they have opened their gift, they still have a beautiful box to reuse for whatever they want. Wooden wine boxes can be used to store cards or papers or can be re-purposed as a planter to hold beautiful flower arrangements to decorate any room. They can also be sanded, painted or refinished and then become a piece of art or just a discussion piece in a living room or den. A black walnut wooden wine box would look good to hold supplies in any office or on any desk or table at home.

You can also choose to have any finishing or detailing work on your wooden wine boxes done in as safe a manner for the environment as possible. This includes optional finishes with non-toxic and all natural or water-based dyes that are better for the environment. Most wooden wine box manufacturers will not use and lacquers or finishes or paints that are harmful to the environment and will provide a certificate of authorization that shows their commitment to keeping the earth and our natural resources as clean and safe as possible.


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