3 Events That Need a Special Catering Menu

Catering is a huge part of event planning, whether you are experienced or novice to the field. The impression you make with food on your guests can set the tone for a lovely event. You want to be sure to hire the best caterers in your area that will deliver on quality, freshness, and taste. Whether it’s gourmet foods you’re looking for, or a simple lunch special, custom catering has a lot to offer your office party, wedding anniversary, friend’s birthday, or something else! This simple guide will walk you through the basics of planning your catering menu for your next big event according to the type of event you’re planning.

1. Corporate/Business

If you are hosting a business, corporate event, your menu should reflect your guest’s tastes. At a huge networking event that involves your professional colleagues, you want to be sure to set the bar high for success. Regional food will make a good impression, especially if you have guests coming from out of town. For example, if you were hosting an event in the Midwest region of the United States, you may select fine cheeses and beef to appease your audience. The idea behind it all is to please your guests and appeal to their tastes, because, if they’re happy with you, they’ll want to do business with you, and isn’t that the exact point of hosting a corporate or business event?

2. Wedding

There is no doubt that weddings are huge events for caterers and planning a catering menu. Of course, whereas a business, corporate event is focused on the guests, a wedding plate’s selection is based off of the bride and groom’s tastes. Though there is a pretty typical standard for a wedding menu out there (chicken or beef, starchy appetizer, and hot vegetable), the biggest difference between weddings is based on cultural preferences. Desserts are the dish everyone will be most excited about and interested in tasting at a wedding. Though the point isn’t to try and impress anyone, a catering staff’s objective will be to appease the bride and groom on their big day. Guests are just there for support and to enjoy the evening. They’re not looking to be sold on anything like they would be at a business, corporate event. Planning a menu for a wedding consists of a lot of fun taste tests as well, and who doesn’t like that?

3. Sporting Events

Much less of an elegant affair, if you’re planning a catering menu for a sporting event, you are unlikely to come up with a fancier plate like you would at a business, corporate event or wedding. It isn’t as professional of an environment, so there isn’t a pressing need to have gourmet foods or elegant presentation. A simple menu will be best for sporting events that keeps attendants hydrated and in the spirit of the game. It’s likely you’ll spring for hotdogs, hamburgers, brats, ice cream, and maybe even fries or onion rings. These types of events are much more lax, enabling you to have more fun as you plan.

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